A Thousand Deaths
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 13
Written by Keith Damron
Directed by David E. Peckinpah
Guest stars Mark Hutter (Flint)
Lamont Dixon (Security Chief)
Bruno Angelico (Pimp)
Sam Dolan (Union Soldier)
Kevin West (Fred)
Todd Waring (Einman)
Kristopher Logan (Tourist)
Frank John Hughes (Hal)
E.J. Callahan (Clown)
Sean Moran (Burger Monarch Manager)
Production no. E0815
Original airdate 9/24/1999
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"Map of the Mind" "Heavy Metal"
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The sliders arrive on a world where millions play in highly realistic arcade simulations. Rembrandt and Mallory take part in separate simulations, until they discover Maggie and Diana have been forced to play characters in these simulations, where each "death" experienced is real.

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