Amanda Mallory is the mother of Quinn Mallory, first seen in the pilot, played by Linda Henning in six episodes and Deanne Henry in two episodes (Henry played the character in season 2; Henning played the character in all other seasons). She is the family member Quinn wishes to be reunited with upon returning to Earth Prime. Her birthday is September 27, the same day the sliders started their journey.

The first time Quinn was reunited with Amanda Mallory was at the end of "The Exodus". He was with her for 30 minutes. As soon as they were reunited, they had to take Maggie to the hospital, where Quinn and Maggie both slid. Quinn left saying that he promised his mother he would be back.

Quinn ended up being reunited again with her in the episode "Genesis" in a Kromagg prison on earth prime. When Quinn met his mother, he said that he did promise he would be back, but it ended up taking him longer than expected. Knowing that Kromaggs play tricks on the human mind, Quinn speculated that this was not actually his mother. While here, Mrs. Mallory told Quinn that she was not actually his birthmother, that Quinn's birthparents were the doubles of herself and her husband, Michael Mallory. She said that Quinn's actual birthparents left him with her because there was a war with the Kromaggs on that earth, and they wanted Quinn to be safe. She then said that two years later, Quinn's birthparents came back for him but that she and Mike Mallory hid Quinn because they had become too attached to him. Amanda Mallory then gave Quinn a microdot that was implanted in her arm. Quinn was to hold the microdot to his forehead and would then be told about the story of his origins. After this conversation, Amanda Mallory was taken from the Kromaggs to an alternate earth.

In the episode "The Seer", Mrs. Mallory was reunited with the sliders (who at the time were Rembrandt Brown, Maggie Beckett, Diana Davis, and a fraternal alternate of Quinn Mallory known as Mallory) and at this point in time had escaped from the Kromaggs at some point in the past. Since there was a psychic on that world who was tracking the sliders' journeys, Amanda Mallory was able to learn about her son's fate; that Quinn had been merged into his fraternal alternate. Amanda Mallory now had post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of seeing her son's fate.

Maggie Beckett had lived in a "bubble universe" with Quinn where they lived an entire life together, were married and had a son. In this universe, Maggie became close to the version of Amanda Mallory and in the episode "The Seer", Maggie shared her experiences with the Amanda Mallory from earth prime.

Alternate versions of Amanda Mallory were seen in the episodes "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" and "The Guardian".

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