Angus Rickman
Portrayed by  Roger Daltrey (Exodus: Part 1, Exodus: Part 2)

Neil Dickson ( "The Other Slide of Darkness", "Dinoslide", "Stoker", and "This Slide of Paradise")

First appearance "Exodus: Part 1"
Last appearance "This Slide of Paradise"
Status Dead

Angus Rickman (played by Roger Daltrey in "The Exodus", Neil Dickson in subsequent episodes)) is a marine colonel on an alternate earth that was to be destroyed by a pulsar. The character was introduced in the episode "The Exodus". He had a fungus infection in his brain which required him to extract brain tissue from the brains of compatible "donors" and inject the tissue into his brain. Extracting brain tissue from these people caused them to go into a coma.


Three days before the pulsar was going to destroy his earth, the sliders landed there, helped improve the sliding technology of local scientist Dr. Stephen Jensen, which allowed Rickman and 150 other people to slide to a safe alternate earth before the pulsars hit. Rickman specificially had Wade Welles select 150 people that had brain tissue combatable with Rickman's to slide to the new world. Originally, the sliders were going to slide with Rickman and the 150 people, but Rickman ordered the slide early, and murdered Arturo when the sliders attempted to slide with him.

Rickman also murdered Dr. Stephen Jensen, the husband of Maggie Beckett, when Jensen learned that Rickman was responsible for the coma victims. Rickman lied to Maggie and said a mob had killed him.

Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt slid to the earth Rickman, Maggie, and the other 150 people slid, and informed Maggie there that Rickman murdered her husband. Initially, Quinn and Maggie wanted revenge on Rickman for murdering Professor Arturo and Dr. Jensen. However, Rickman still had the timer used to send him, Maggie, and the other 150 people to this earth. So Rickman used the timer to slide and escape from Quinn and Maggie. The timer Rickman was using also had the coordinates to Earth Prime, which gave Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt greater incentive to catch Rickman. The sliders began chasing Rickman to parallel earths so that Quinn, Rembrandt, and Wade can find their home coordinates, and so that Maggie could get revenge. Although initially both Quinn and Maggie wanted revenge, Quinn later decided against revenge and only wanted his home coordinates.

The first time the sliders encountered Rickman since "The Exodus" was in the episode "The Other Slide of Darkness". By this time, Rickman's face had changed from injecting the brain tissue of non-compatible donors and he was now played by another actor, Neil Dickson. In this episode, Rickman's timer broke, leaving him unable to slide. Rickman encountered Quinn's double, the first double of his that Quinn met, and Quinn's double was going to kill Rickman. Then Rickman told Quinn's double about Quinn and the others. Quinn's double then decided to give Rickman a deal: Quinn's double would not kill Rickman and would fix his timer, and in exchange Rickman would bring Quinn to his double. Rickman did this, so Quinn's double fixed his timer, and Rickman slid.

The next time the sliders encountered Rickman was in the episode "Dinoslide".

The last episode with Rickman was "This Slide of Paradise". On this earth, the sliders managed to take Rickmans timer away from him, leaving him stranded on this earth. Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt were about to use Rickman's timer to slide home and let Maggie use the other timer to continue sliding. However, right after they oped the vortex to earth prime, Rickman showed up. Quinn stayed behind to help Maggie fight Rickman but pushed Wade and Rembandt through the vortex. Rickman attempted to slide through the vortex to earth prime that Quinn pushed Wade and Rembrandt through, but the vortex closed just as he jumped towards it, and he fell off the cliff and died.

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