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Black Gold Rush World
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Episode appearance Fever
Date of Divergence Unknown
Coordinates Unknown
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"British States of America World" "Q World"

This world is briefly visited by the sliders during a block party celebrating a new "Black Gold Rush" in San Francisco. During their short time here, Arturo meets an extremely friendly woman caught up in the celebrations, Rembrandt gets his hands on some of the money being thrown around, and Quinn discovers his double is now a millionaire.

Differences from Earth Prime[]

The history of this Earth is never revealed during the sliders' short visit, making a divergence date impossible to pinpoint. The most significant difference between this Earth and Earth Prime is the presence of oil beneath large sections of residential San Francisco. The discovery of these oils deposits, or the "Black Gold Rush", has turned average citizens into millionaires overnight.

Impact of Visit on World[]

Minimal interactions with locals.


  • Quinn Mallory is a college student turned millionaire thanks to the oil gushing from his backyard discovered during the San Francisco "Black Gold Rush". Earth Prime's Quinn is mistaken for his wealthy double and informed of his financial freedom with only a minute to enjoy it before the next slide.
  • Wing is Quinn's college classmate who confuses Earth Prime's Quinn for his friend and informs him of the oil gushing from his back yard.

See also[]

  • Fever-The episode featuring this world.