British States of America World
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Episode appearance The Prince of Wails
Date of Divergence 1774
Coordinates Unknown
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The British States of America World is an alternate dimension where America is still under the rule of the British monarchy. During their time here, the Sliders forsake a vow to remain uninvolved in order to help a rebellion terrorist group peacefully spread democracy. During their time here, Quinn becomes a leader of the rebellion, known as the Oakland Raiders while Wade befriends the Prince who is to become King and is a prisoner of the Raiders. Arturo's double is the enemy, a corrupt man who plots to take power for himself. After Quinn is captured by the Sheriff's men and seeing the decadence on the streets of America, the Prince sides with the Raiders to bring democracy to the world. Using a copy of the Bill of Rights prepared by the Sliders, the Prince makes a broadcast from the Sheriff's TV studio, taken over by the Raiders in which he brings democracy into the world and makes America a free nation. He also pardons Quinn and the Raiders so Quinn can leave and there will be no legal ramifications for the rebels. The Sheriff is arrested and the Prince and the Raiders plan to make this world a better place as the Sliders leave.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

In short, the American Colonies lost the Revolutionary War. In 1779, George Washington was captured and hanged as war criminal. Without the American Revolution to fuel revolutionary sentiment in other countries, France, Russia, China, Spain, and Japan kept their centuries old monarchies.

The North American continent is largely ruled by the British government and is separated into 2 large territories: the Eastern and Western Americas. Mexico is ruled by Spain, although Canada on this world is a constant battleground between the French and the Brits. And more the one dollar bill are BSA (the britain states of america) not USA, the bill are blue and George III are in the place of George Washington.


  • Sheriff Maximillian Arturo was Sheriff of San Francisco and used his power of Prince Harold III to enact public policies that harmed the citizens. His television show was used as an outlet to manipulate the public into thinking Arturo's policies were beloved and well received. In the wake of the King's death in the French War, the Sheriff planned to have his son executed before his crowing leaving Arturo as the sole heir to the throne. The Sheriff falls from power when the Prince teams up with the Sliders and the Oakland Raiders after seeing the decadence the Sheriff has caused. As Quinn is about to be executed, the Raiders take over the Sheriff's TV show and the Prince makes a broadcast in which he, along with pardoning Quinn and the Raiders and introducing democracy, exposes and fires the Sheriff, ordering his arrest. The Sheriff is last seen being escorted to a cell in his own prison and shouting threats at Quinn along the way.
  • Michael Hurley is a spineless leader in the British military who was once under the thumb of the corrupt Sheriff before Prince Harold III implemented more democratic ideas. Under the Sheriff's orders, Hurley was prepared to murder the Prince before Earth Prime's Arturo intervened and cancelled the assassination. His fate after the Sheriff's fall from power is undetermined though he is shown to be genuinely surprised by the Sheriff's treachery and gives Quinn a ride to the slide after he's pardoned.

See alsoEdit

  • The Prince of Wails- The episode featuring this world.
  • Cold War World- Another world subjected to the rule of another country and containing a powerful Arturo double.
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