California Reich
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 11
Written by Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Robert M. Williams Jr.
Guest stars Shane West (Kirk)
Jeremy Roberts (Beck)
Henry G. Sanders (Harold)
Sandra Lee Peckinpah (Woman)
Carl Gabriel Yorke (Director)
Phillip Tan (Man)
Jimmy Bridges (Doctor #2)
James Hornbeck (Doctor)
George McDaniel (Governor Schick)
Chris Elwood (Ralph)
Carol Huston (Vanessa)
Production no. K2802
Original airdate 8/24/1998
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"Asylum" "The Dying Fields"
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The sliders land on a world where California has been taken over by racists. Rembrandt is captured and placed in a prison camp used to turn the racially "impure" into faceless slaves.

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