Cold War World
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Episode appearance Pilot
Date of Divergence 1950's
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This world is the second visited by the Sliders in the pilot episode of the series. This is the first inhabited world seen by Artutro, Rembrandt, and Wade and the second by Quinn. It is also the first world politically or culturally affected by the Sliders who are forced to join the underground American uprising when Rembrandt is arrested for treason.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

This is a world where the USSR is the dominant empire. The divergence point between Earth Prime and the Cold War World occurred in the 1950's when the US lost the Korean War allowing the Sino-Soviet Empire to sweep thorugh Europe, then Indo-China, then South America, until the US was economically isolated from the rest of the globe. The USSR's assets and technology grew, while US assets and technology shrank and finally collapsed leaving the USSR in control. By 1995, the only part of regular America still in existence lives on in an underground rebellion led by Commander Wade Wells. Due to the political influence in the culture, contemporary rap music preaches service to the state and the evils of individualism, PBS is far more aggressive and intimidating about their funding, "The People's Court" is a televised criminal court instead of a televised small claims court, AT&T is PT&T, and a statue of Lenin stands in the park where a Lincoln statue stands on Earth Prime. And more the one dollar bill are red not green, this is not USA just SSA (The socialist states of america) and instead the face of George Washington, this is a portrait of Nikita Khrouchtchev.


  • Commander Wade Wells was the leader of the California branch of the American Underground. By the time of the Sliders' arrival, Commander Wells had been arrested for treason and detained in the NorCal Penitentiary. She is only seen on screen briefly being protected in battle by Quinn who assumed she was the Wade of Earth Prime. Before the Slider's left, Commander Wells was shot in battle.
  • Citizen General Maximillian Arturo was in charge of the NorCal Penitentiary. While not being the only of Arturo's doubles in a position of power, this double is never actually seen. Arturo is forced to play the part of Citizen General Arturo in order to help the American Underground liberate their leader and reclaim Rembrandt in time for the slide. It is unknown what happens to his authority after the American Underground destroys NorCal and the Sliders leave.
  • Citizen ​Rembrandt Brown was Rembrandt's double killed in the "1983 Detroit Uprising".
  • Pavel Kurlienko is a taxi driver who reported Rembrandt as a counter culture rebel when Rembrandt handed him American currency. He appeared with Rembrandt in The People's Court pleading his case. He is the first of several Pavel's the Sliders encounter and begins the show's running joke of Pavel driving a taxi in multiple worlds.
  • Ross J. Kelly is a lawyer who also works for the Soviet government as a KGB interrogator. Rembrandt was interrogated by Kelly when he was arrested and recognized him from his commercials on Earth Prime. Rembrandt's unexplainable knowledge of Kelly's civilian job gets his case sent to "The People's Court".
  • Joseph Wapner is the television judge of The People's Court. Unlike his Earth Prime double, this Wapner uses his show to hear more severe cases. Joseph Wapner played himself in the role.
  • Michael Hurley is one of Commander Wells' Underground fighters.
  • The U.S. Senator is a Soviet political figure running on a platform of party loyalty and non-Soviet extermination. The Sliders find him campaigning in the same spot in the park where his homeless Earth Prime double can be found spouting the same Soviet ideas to uninterested passerby.

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