Common Ground
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 3
Written by Chris Black
Directed by Reza Badiyi
Guest stars Mina Badie (Penny)
Stephen Macht (Kromanus)
Tom Westbrook (Krolak)
William Bookston (Body)
Tom Fitzpatrick (Eyeless Man)
Carl Gabriel Yorke (Kromagg Leader)
Production no. K2810
Original airdate 6/15/1998
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"Prophets and Loss" "Virtual Slide"
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The sliders slide into a Kromagg weapons-testing area and Maggie saves the life of the Kromagg commander, Kromanus. While Maggie tries to get the timer back from him, Quinn and Rembrandt discover a Kromagg weapon designed to eradicate humans. Maggie discovers that Kromanus seems to be haunted by a previous failure that wasn't his fault and the Sliders discover that the Kromaggs are building a weapon that renders humans apart atom by atom. At the same time, Kromanus recieves orders to let the Sliders go as the Kromaggs believe that Quinn, who has a tracking device in him, will lead them home. The Sliders escape with the help of a girl named Penny and Quinn tries to adjust the settings on a world-killing version of the weapon before Kromanus catches them. Wanting to fulfil his debt to Maggie and following orders, he returns the timer and prepares to let them go, but is wounded when his sub-commander mutinies and takes over. The sub-commander prepares to use the weapon to kill all humans on that world, but instead all of the humans are fine while the Kromaggs and the weapon are destroyed. Quinn is surprised, revealing that he managed to modify the weapon so humans were unaffected, but was sure Kromanus had seen what he did. Maggie realizes that Kromanus did see, but decided not to say anything so as to die with honor. The Sliders leave, offering Penny to join them, but she refuses as her world is now free and the survivors can rebuild now that the Kromaggs are gone.

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