Desert Storm
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 6
Written by Matt Dearborn
Directed by Jim Johnston
Guest stars Lester Barrie (Elston Diggs)
Gabriel Christy (Devin's father (uncredited))
Judson Mills (Davy)
Constance Forslund (Fiona)
Christopher Maleki (Wolf)
Michael Lee Gogin (Master Healer)
Kristofer Lindquist (Jeremy)
Gina Philips (Devin)
Ken Steadman (Cutter)
Production no. K1810
Original airdate 11/1/1996
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"The Dream Masters" "Dragonslide"
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On a desert world, the sliders get involved in a struggle for control over Devin, a young woman who can locate underground stores of water.

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