Diana Davis

Tembi Locke as Diana Davis

Portrayed by  Tembi Locke
First appearance The Unstuck Man
Last appearance The Seer
Name Diana Davis
Occupation scientist

Dr. Diana Davis is a character from the fifth season of the science fiction show Sliders, played by Tembi Locke. She is a physicist with a PhD.

Diana Davis is a scientist who was working with scientist Dr. Oberon Geiger in the development of sliding research. She also worked with the version of Quinn Mallory of that alternate earth (known as just "Mallory" to differentiate him from the original Quinn). Her world's Quinn Mallory was a officially a lab assistant but Geiger was using him as a "guinea pig" for his secret experiements.

Although Dr. Geiger had malicious intent for his research, Dr. Davis did not know that until Rembrandt Brown and Maggie Beckett slid onto this earth. When Dr. Davis first met Maggie and Rembrandt she thought they had intentionally invaded her and Dr. Geiger's experiment. When they explained the situation, Dr. Davis found out the reverse was true: that it was Dr. Geiger who interfered with Rembrandt and Maggie's vortex, and had caused Quinn Mallory to be merged with his alternate, and Colin Mallory to be unstuck in space-time. Dr. Davis then halted an experiment of Dr. Geiger's to collide worlds together, causing Dr. Geiger to become unstuck in space time, as he had been in the past. Since both Quinn's were now merged, they decided to slide with Rembrandt and Maggie and Dr. Davis decided to go with them to assist in trying to separate them.

Dr. Davis met Oberon Geiger again in the episodes "Applied Physics" and "Eye of the Storm". In "Eye of the Storm", Dr. Davis was very distrustful of Dr. Geiger and was angry with him.

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