Episode no. Season 3
Episode 7
Written by Tony Blake
Paul Jackson
Directed by David Livingston
Guest stars Lester Barrie (Elston Diggs)
Francis Guinan (Sean Nuinn)
Charlie O'Connell (Officer O'Hara)
Saxon Trainor (Officer Kelley)
Francoise Robertson (Alesha Avo)
Mansell Rivers-Blano (Chief Druid)
Sean Moynihan (Phillip Mallory)
Gregory Paul Martin (Gareth)
Max Grodenchik (Skuldar)
Michelle René Thomas (Melinda)
Production no. K1816
Original airdate 11/8/1996
Episode chronology
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"Desert Storm" "The Fire Within"
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The sliders arrive on a world where the ruling class is made up of magic-wielding druids. Quinn gets mistaken for a powerful wizard while Wade dabbles in a little magic of her own, creating a spell for Rembrandt that makes him fall in love with her.

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