Earth Prime
Episode appearance Sliders
Into the Mystic
The Exodus
Date of Divergence Never
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"Elvis World"

Earth Prime is the earth that the Sliders originate from, although it is learned in Genesis that Quinn Mallory actually was not born on this earth.

The series revolves around the Sliders quest to return to "Earth Prime".

Returning to "Earth Prime" Edit

In Into the Mystic they encounter Quinn's double who is able to send them home. On their arrival they learn they have only seconds to decide if this is in fact home. The decision rests on a squeaky gate. When it doesn't squeak the Sliders believe that they have not found their home and slide away.

Rembrandt and Wade are convinced that the earth they slide into in "Earth Prime" but when it is discovered that this San Francisco has the Azure Gate Bridge instead of the Golden Gate Bridge they realize that they have found Earth Double Prime.

In The Exodus, while Quinn and Maggie are screening potential Earths, they come across "Earth Prime" but are unable to stay as Maggie is unable to breathe  its atmosphere.

The third time the Sliders are able to make it home they find that "Earth Prime" has been invaded by the Kromaggs. This spawns a new quest to find a weapon to eject the Kromaggs from their home.

In The Seer, the series finale, a psychic believes that their next slide, although will return Rembrandt home, will also kill them. This earth has a biological weapon that defeated the Kromaggs, and Rembrandt slides with it but his fate and the fate of "Earth Prime" is unknown.

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