Egghead World
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Episode appearance Eggheads
Date of Divergence Unknown; early society
Coordinates Unknown
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"Vacation World"

This is an Earth where the intellectual achievements of scientists and great thinkers are granted the same adulation reserved for movie stars and professional athletes on Earth Prime . Upon arrival, Quinn and Arturo are greeted like celebrities and referred to as "The Sliders". With Rembrandt and Wade's help, they try to infiltrate their doubles' lives to gain access to this world's sliding technology.

Differences from Earth Prime[edit | edit source]

The divergence point of this world happened at an indiscernible time in the past and deeply affected the way society views intelligence and scientists. Men and women of the mind are respected like heroes and scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking aren't just well known, they're part of major advertising campaigns including slogans like "Einstein wore Khakis" and Nikke shoe's "Just think it". Little boys dream of one day being in the academic decathlon , the San Francisco Central Library is extending its hours by popular demand, and musical groups like MC Poindexter and the Study Crew release raps about going to the library. The world's most popular pastime is a sport called Mindgame which combines the square grid of "Othello" with scientific questions to score points. The game has made world famous celebrities out of scientists like Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, and California University's Quinn Mallory.

Doubles[edit | edit source]

  • Quinn "All-World" Mallory is an intellectual sports all-star world famous for playing on California University's Mindgame team. His early rise to prominence allowed him to convert his basement lab into a trophy room and continue his experiments at the college. His rise to fame and subsequent endorsement deals led to a lot of wealth which Quinn blew on drugs, alcohol, and gambling until racking up a million dollar debt with local mobsters. The gambling debts forced the Mallory's to put their home up for sale but no one can buy the property at the listed price. Without a way to pay off his debt, Quinn constructed a story about a multi-dimensional "sliding" machine with Maxie Arturo in order for both men to disapear without investigation.
  • Professor Maxie Arturo is the highly respected Chairman of California University whose scientific mind has made him a celebrity with best seller text books and live lectures in Las Vegas. Though refined intellectually, this Arturo double is morally depraved and renowned for using his fame to cheat on his wife Christina Fox with admiring coeds. In order to escape the scandal of a public divorce from his wife, Arturo joined Mindgame star Quinn Mallory in constructing an elaborate hoax about a "sliding" machine in order to run off to Europe with one of his lovers. Before departing this dimension, Earth Prime's Arturo records a video attempting to convince his double to fix his relationship with Christina or risk losing what gives his life meaning.
  • Christina Fox is the wife of California University Chiarman Maximillian Arturo. Aware of her husband's infidelity, Christina has filed a lawsuit for their divorce and propelled her husband to make fake claims of a scientific breakthrough in order to skip town. The arrival of Earth Prime's Arturo convinces Christina to give her husband a second chance at a love Arturo was denied back home due to Christina's untimely death from a brain aneurysm.
  • Amanda Mallory is the double of Quinn Mallory's mother who was forced to move back east to cope with her son's debt to dangerous gangsters.
  • Ron Pitts  is a former Mindgame star commentating during the twenty-seventh collegiate Mindgame National Finals.
  • Tom Jackson is a former Mindgame athlete joining Pitts in the Mindgame National Finals.

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Eggheads- The episode featuring this alternate Earth.
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