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El Sid
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Quinn showing his bracelet
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 5
Written by Jon Povill
Directed by Paris Barclay
Original airdate March 29, 1996
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"The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy" "Time Again and World"
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"El Sid" is the fifth episode of the second season for the science fiction television show Sliders. In this episode, Quinn rescues a woman on a violent world. Her boyfriend, a criminal, pursues, and jumps the slide.


The initial "violent world" of which Sid and his girlfriend Michelle leave are shown just long enough to show why Sid makes the jump with his girlfriend.

Once the Sliders arrive in the next world, they are able to arrange safety in government housing. This was with the aid of this world's counterpart of one of Sid's "friends" from the previous world. They are given bracelets and assigned into "the buddy system" to ensure that they do not cause trouble. In short order Quinn discovers that in this world San Francisco is a penal colony as it is only a matter of time before earthquakes destroy the city. The colony is administered by a group known as the custodians.

Sid attempts to rob an ATM and the custodians attack. Quinn meets up with the others (including Sid's girlfriend) only to flee into the hands of a trap with a gang of criminals. They are forced to relinquish the timer. During a gun fight between the custodians and the gang, Quinn secures the timer only to meet up with Sid and the custodians as they flee the gun fight.

They are imprisoned. The Professor manages to secure the timer. During that attempt, Sid tries to stop the Sliders. Sid's girlfriend shoots him, and jumps with the Sliders onto the next world; however you do not see her in the next episode.

When the sliders and Michelle exit the "BART" station (Bay Area Rapid Transit) a logo on the wall reads "Great Western Railway" which was a railway that once existed in Ontario, Canada.

The idea of a city being converted into a prison had previously been explored in the 1981 movie Escape From New York.

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