Electric Twister Acid Test
Quinn is beaten.
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 3
Written by Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Oscar L. Costo
Guest stars Bill Bolender (Franklin Michener)
Corey Feldman (Reed Michener)

Joshua Cox (Martin)
Jordan Warkol (Caleb)
Tim Griffin (Jacob)
Julie Benz (Jenny Michener)

Production no.
Original airdate 4 October 1996
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"Double Cross" "The Guardian"
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"Electric Twister Acid Test" is the title of the third episode of season three of the science fiction television show Sliders.

Plot Edit

The Sliders arrive on a world, by all accounts desert like, with the timer malfunctioning. Quinn and Arturo attempt to fix it.

The group after several hours of searching come across a patch of land unaffected by the harsh weather.

They got the confrontation in the community who are Amish like.

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