Elston Diggs (played by Lester Barrie) is a waiter at the Royal Chancellor Hotel, at which the Sliders stayed during season 3. Diggs was often the person the Sliders got information from. He was seen in the episodes "Double Cross," "Desert Storm," "Murder Most Foul," and "The Breeder."

Elston Diggs was first seen in the episode "Double Cross," where he recognized Rembrandt Brown, "The Crying Man." On this world, San Francisco was just another neighborhood of a large city of San Angeles, which spanned from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Upon arriving on the next world, Rembrandt ran into Elston Diggs right after sliding, and asked him if they were still in San Angeles. Diggs said they were in Los Angeles. After this, Quinn realized that Logan St. Clair must have switched parts of the timer, so that they now had a 400-mile radius to slide within, instead of a two-mile radius.

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