Elvis World
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The Elvis World is the first parallel universe seen in Sliders. Quinn Mallory slides into a parallel world very simillar to Earth Prime save for a few key cultural differences. After he returns, he finds that his double solved the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Bridge equation.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

At first glance, Elvis World is simillar enough to Earth Prime that Quinn initially thought his slide was unsuccessful. But this world has some stark differences such as red traffic lights being the signal for go and green lights signaling stop. The globe is suffering from a scientific phenomenon known as "global cooling", Americans have been illegally crossing the border south into Mexico, CDs are going out of production in favor of vinyl records, Jack Kennedy is in office and married to the still living Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley is still around and performing live at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Due to the varied nature of this world's differences from Earth Prime, it's hard to pinpoint a date of divergence, though it's possible that this world has several different divergence points.


  • Quinn Mallory is an unseen double of Quinn's. His identical basement labratory, complete with Sliding technology, and enrollment in the same college would suggest this Quinn is quite similar to Earth Prime's Quinn. His whereabouts are unknown ,although it's possible that, in tandem with the Quinn of Earth Prime, he took his first slide out of his world leaving room for Earth Prime's Quinn to slide in.
  • Amanda Mallory is a double of Mrs. Mallory's with a very different fashion sense. She is pregnant after starting a relationship after her first husband's death with her former gardener Jake.
  • Jake the Gardener is a double who impregnated Quinn's mother after Michael Mallory's death.
  • Tripper is a morning shock jock who, unlike his Earth Prime counterpart, can't get any angry feminists to take their tops off in the studio thanks to the scientific phenomenon of "global cooling".
  • Schrodinger is Quinn's cat who Quinn left behind in his lab just as Earth Prime's Quinn had left his Schrodinger behind.

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