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Season One (1995)[]

Ep# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code
1-2 "Sliders (pilot)" Andy Tennant Tracy Tormé, Robert K. Weiss March 22, 1995 83535
While researching anti-gravity, brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal which sends him and three companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to parallel Earths, including a world where the Cold War domino theory proved true. 
3 "Summer of Love" Mario Azzopardi Tracy Tormé April 19, 1995 70401
The Sliders find themselves in a present-day San Francisco where the "Summer of Love" never ended – and Wade and Rembrandt are mistaken for extraterrestrial prophets. 
4 "The Prince of Wails" Felix Enriquez Alcalá William Rabkin, Lee Goldberg April 12, 1995 70403
In a world where England won the Revolutionary War, the Sliders are embroiled in an assassination plot involving the heir to the throne and an evil Sheriff of San Francisco. 
5 "Fever" Mario Azzopardi Rose Schacht, Ann Powell March 29, 1995 70402
When Wade is infected with deadly bacteria on an Earth wracked by an epidemic, Rembrandt and Arturo race to find a cure and free Quinn from a Gestapo-like health agency. 
6 "Last Days" Michael Keusch Dan Lane April 5, 1995 70404
The salvation of a world facing destruction by an asteroid rests in the hands of Arturo and an overzealous young scientist. Meanwhile, Quinn and Wade begin to face their feelings for each other. 
7 "The Weaker Sex" Vern Gillum Dawn Presrwich, Nicole Yorkin May 3, 1995 70406
Arturo finds himself in a mayoral race in a world where men are treated as "the weaker sex" and women hold the positions of power and influence. Hillary Clinton is shown as being the President of the United States. 
8 "Eggheads" Timothy Bond Scott Smith Miller April 26, 1995 70405
While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellect is prized, Arturo tries for a reconciliation with a long-lost love. 
9 "The King is Back" Vern Gillum Tracy Tormé May 10, 1995 70408
It looks like the King is back when Rembrandt is mistaken for a long-deceased rock legend, but an old enemy would like to see the Crying Man disappear again – permanently. 
10 "Luck of the Draw" Les Landau Jon Povill May 17, 1995 70409
Wade finds that she has money to burn when she wins the lottery in a seemingly utopian world, but she soon discovers that her silver cloud has a very dark lining. 

Season Two (1996)[]

Ep# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code
11 "Into the Mystic" Richard Compton Tracy Tormé March 1, 1996 K0807
On an alternate Earth immersed in occult practices, Quinn becomes the target of a shaman who demands his brain as payment for services rendered. 
12 "Time Again and World" Vern Gillum Jacob Epstein April 5, 1996 K0801
On a world where the United States Constitution has been outlawed, the sliders attempt to preserve the world's final copy of the document and save an activist from public execution. 
13 "El Sid" Paris Barclay Jon Povill March 29, 1996 K0802
Quinn rescues a woman on a war-torn world, and her boyfriend, swearing vengeance, jumps the slide. 
14 "Love Gods" John McPherson Paul Jackson, Tony Blake March 8, 1996 K0803
Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo are tagged as runaway breeders on a world where, due to a biological weapon outbreak, men are scarce and nations are in cutthroat competition to snag fertile men to repopulate. 
15 "The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy" Oscar L. Costo Scott Smith Miller March 22, 1996 K0805
Quinn's fast draw with a gun embroils him in a corporate takeover on a world where California is part of the independent republic of Texas, and securities law allows gunfighting. 
16 "As Time Goes By" Richard Compton Steve Brown July 12, 1996 K0806
The sliders get involved with doubles of the same group of people on three different worlds, including the double of a high school girlfriend of Quinn. In one of the worlds, time is moving in the opposite direction, causing them to be in prison, then taken to their arraignment before being set free. 
17 "Gillian of the Spirits" Richard Compton Tracy Tormé March 15, 1996 K0810
A slide gone wrong results in Quinn becoming lost in the astral plane, and the only person who can possibly help him is a girl with paranormal abilities. The world they've landed on is constrained by "anti-technology" laws that resulted from the atomic bombings on Japan, crimping Arturo's efforts to repair the timer. 
18 "Obsession" Colin Bucksey Steve Brown, Jon Povill May 24, 1996 K0808
The sliders land on a world dominated by psychics. The Prime Oracle (who is the most powerful person in the world due to his psychic powers) falls in love with Wade and attempts to keep her from sliding. 
19 "Invasion" Richard Compton Tracy Torme June 28, 1996 K0809
The group arrives on a new world in the middle of an alien invasion, and learn that the invaders are sliders that can move through the gateways at will. 
20 "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" Adam Nimoy Nan Hagan May 3, 1996 K0812
Wade, Rembrandt, and Arturo believe they have landed on Earth Prime, but Quinn has doubts. Arturo undergoes an unexpected change of character. 
21 "In Dino Veritas" Oscar L. Costo Steve Brown April 26, 1996 K0813
The sliders are confused with animal poachers when they land on a world where San Francisco is a preserve for dinosaurs. 
22 "Greatfellas" Allan Eastman Scott Smith Miller May 31, 1996 K0804
Rembrandt is confused with his double on a world where alcohol prohibition was never repealed and gangs dominate society. He discovers his counterpart is a federal agent. 
23 "The Young and the Relentless" Richard Compton Von Whisenhant, Michael X Fernaro, T. Edward Anthony June 7, 1996 K0814
Quinn impersonates his recently deceased double on a world where the young dominate society and middle-aged people are prohibited from working and are subject to curfews. 

Season Three (1996-1997)[]

Ep# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code
24 "Rules of the Game" Oscar L. Costo Josef Anderson September 20, 1996 K1805
The sliders land in the middle of a real live-action war game that they must finish in order to escape. 
25 "Double Cross" Richard Compton Tony Blake, Paul Jackson September 27, 1996 K1801
Quinn offers to assist a scientist named Logan St. Clair fix her sliding technology in exchange for using the equipment to find his home coordinates. However, Arturo later discovers Logan does not have good intentions for the use of sliding technology. 
26 "Electric Twister Acid Test" Oscar L. Costo Scott Smith Miller October 4, 1996 K1809
The sliders land in a barren wasteland with bizarre electrical activity that attracts tornadoes. 
27 "The Guardian" Adam Nimoy Tracy Tormé October 11, 1996 K1803
The sliders land on a world identical to Earth Prime except that the events that occurred in 1984 on Earth Prime are occurring in 1996 on this earth. 
28 "The Dream Masters" Jefery Levy Melinda Snodgrass, Scott Smith Miller October 18, 1996 K1808
The group arrives on a world where terrorists discovered drugs that can invade people's dreams, and one of them chooses Wade as his next target. 
29 "Desert Storm" Jim Johnston Matt Dearborn November 1, 1996 K1810
The sliders become involved in a struggle for control over a woman who can detect water on a desert world. 
30 "Dragonslide" David Livingston Tony Blake, Paul Jackson November 8, 1996 K1816
A wizard wants to capture Quinn on a world where the Mallory family has special powers. 
31 "The Fire Within" Jefery Levy Josef Anderson November 15, 1996 K1814
Quinn and Arturo communicate with a fire-based lifeform. 
32 "The Prince of Slides" Richard Compton Eleah Horwitz November 22, 1996 K1815
The sliders land on a world where men get pregnant. Rembrandt is confused with his double and is impregnated with his double's son. 
33 "Dead Man Sliding" Richard Compton Nan Hagan November 29, 1996 K1804
Quinn's double is wanted for murder and Quinn is arrested instead. He is sentenced to death, and the other sliders decide that finding Quinn's double is the only way to save Quinn. 
34 "State of the A.R.T." John T. Kretchmer Nan Hagan, Schuyler Kent December 6, 1996 K1813
On a world where the human population has been replaced with androids, a scientist wants to transplant Quinn and Rembrandt's brains into android hosts. 
35 "Season's Greedings" Richard Compton Eleah Horwitz December 20, 1996 K1806
The sliders land onto a world dominated by commercialism, and get jobs working in a giant mall two days before Christmas. They later discover that the workers are basically indentured servants, and Arturo attempts to prevent one worker from abandoning her infant child. 
36 "Murder Most Foul" Jeff Woolnough David Peckinpah January 3, 1997 K1815
Arturo is brainwashed into believing he is a great literary detective named Reginald Doyle (this world's equivalent of Sherlock Holmes). 
37 "Slide Like An Egyptian" Adam Nimoy Scott Smith Miller January 17, 1997 K1817
The group lands on a world dominated by Egyptian culture, and must escape from a pyramid while being hunted by a large scarab. 
38 "Paradise Lost" Jim Johnston Steve Stoliar January 31, 1997 K1818
The sliders land on a world where a giant worm eats people. 
39 "The Exodus, Part 1" Jim Charleston Paul Jackson, John Rhys-Davies, Tony Blake February 21, 1997 K1824
When the sliders land on an earth that is about to be destroyed by the radiation of a pulsar, a military unit forces them to help them fix their sliding technology so they can transport people to a parallel world. 
40 "The Exodus, Part 2" Jim Charleston Paul Jackson, Tony Blake, Josef Anderson February 28, 1997 K1825
Quinn and Maggie find an alternate earth to transport 150 surivivors from the previous earth and Quinn finds the coordinates of Earth Prime. However, Rickman has a hidden agenda for the survivors. 
41 "Sole Survivors" David Peckinpah Steven Kriozere March 7, 1997 K1819
Quinn is infected with a bacterium that turns people into zombies. 
42 "The Breeder" Paris Barclay Eleah Horwitz March 14, 1997 K1823
Maggie is infected with a parasite that takes control of her body and attempts to find a mate. 
43 "The Last of Eden" Allan Eastman Josef Anderson March 28, 1997 K1820
Quinn and Wade get stuck in an underground city. 
44 "The Other Slide of Darkness" Jeff Woolnough Scott Smith Miller, Nan Hagan April 11, 1997 K1802
The sliders find Rickman on a superstitious world. 
45 "Slither" Jim Johnston Tony Blake, Paul Jackson April 25, 1997 K1829
Quinn and Rembrandt are separated from Wade and Maggie after their plane crashes in the jungle. They attempt to reunite by assisting people attempting to capture deadly snakes. 
46 "Dinoslide" Richard Compton David Peckinpah May 2, 1997 K1827
The sliders return to the world with the 150 survivors from The Exodus to find that it is inhabited by dinosaurs. 
47 "Stoker" Jerry O'Connell Josef Anderson May 9, 1997 K1826
Wade makes friends with vampire musicians who want to steal the timer. 
48 "This Slide of Paradise" Jim Johnston Nan Hagan May 16, 1997 K1828
Rickman and the sliders are trapped on an island with a scientist who has created a race of human-animal hybrids. 

Season Four (1998-1999)[]

Ep# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code
49 "Genesis" Reza Badiyi David Peckinpah June 8, 1998 K2801
Three months after being separated from Rembrandt and Wade, Quinn and Maggie return to Earth Prime to find it has been conquered by the Kromaggs
50 "Prophets and Loss" Mark Sobel Bill Dial June 8, 1998 K2805
The sliders land on a world dominated by a religion where people wish to travel to the other side through a vortex. After one of the leaders witnesses the sliders arrive on this earth, and after the sliders learn that people are being killed on this earth instead of transported to a parallel world, the timer is confiscated. 
51 "Common Ground" Reza Badiyi Chris Black June 15, 1998 K2810
Maggie saves the life of a Kromagg on a world where Kromaggs are conducting experiments on humans. 
52 "Virtual Slide" Mark Sobel Keith Damron June 22, 1998 K2807
The sliders land on a world where everyone uses virtual reality all the time. 
53 "World Killer" Reza Badiyi Marc Scott Zicree June 29, 1998 K2804
The sliders land on a world where Quinn's double slid the entire population except himself. 
54 "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" David E. Peckinpah Marc Scott Zicree, Bill Dial, Chris Black, David E. Peckinpah July 6, 1998 K2811
Quinn locates his brother Colin on a world with less technology than Earth Prime. 
55 "Just Say Yes" Jefferson Kibbee Richard Manning July 13, 1998 K2809
Maggie and Colin are given drugs in a society where drug use is mandatory and people can be arrested for non-possession. 
56 "The Alternateville Horror" David Grossman Chris Black July 20, 1998 K2803
The Chandler Hotel is haunted. 
57 "Slidecage" Jerry O'Connell Marc Scott Zicree July 27, 1998 K2815
Quinn and Colin attempt to slide to Kromagg Prime but end up in a slidecage designed to prevent the Kromaggs from returning to that earth. 
58 "Asylum" Michael Miller Bill Dial August 17, 1998 K2813
When Quinn is injured, the only one who can save him is a doctor who has been taught Kromagg healing techniques--but who is also wanted for providing assistance to the Kromaggs. 
59 "California Reich" Robert M. Williams Jr. Scott Smith Miller August 24, 1998 K2802
On a racist world, Rembrandt is forced into slavery. The episode is a metaphor for The Holocaust. In the episode, the politician that supports racism is named Schick. Ironically in Yiddish, Schicksa itself is a prejudice word and means "non-Jewish female." 
60 "The Dying Fields" David Peckinpah William Bigelow August 31, 1998 K2812
The sliders land on a world used as a Kromagg training camp, where Kromaggs hunt humans. 
61 "Lipschitz Live!" Jerry O'Connell Keith Damron November 30, 1998 K2814
The sliders are separated on a world where in every public place, there is a television set showing a talk show called Lipschitz Live!. Quinn becomes a guest on the show to announce his location to the others. 
62 "Mother and Child" Helaine Head Richard Manning December 7, 1998 K2819
The sliders rescue a human woman and her half-human/half-Kromagg infant son. 
63 "Net Worth" Paul Lynch January 11, 1999 K2806
The group is separated on a world divided between computer experts and ruthless scavengers. 
64 "Slide by Wire" Robert A. Hudecek Chris Black January 18, 1999 K2820
Maggie's double impersonates her and slides with Quinn, Rembrandt, and Colin. 
65 "Data World" Jerry O'Connell Joel Metzger March 19, 1999 K2808
Archibald Chandler of the Chandler Hotel turns the sliders into computer data and makes them follow his wishes. 
66 "Way Out West" David Peckinpah Chris Black, Jerry O'Connell March 26, 1999 K2821
On a world resembling the "Old West", the sliders encounter Kolitar, the Kromagg from "Slidecage" 
67 "My Brother's Keeper" Reza Badiyi Doug Molitor April 2, 1999 K2816
Quinn is mistaken for his double's clone on a world where clones are kept as organ donors. 
68 "The Chasm" Robert A. Hudecek William Bigelow April 9, 1999 K2817
The sliders land in a village with technology that drains the happiness of one person to make the rest of the villagers happy. 
69 "Roads Taken" Jerry O'Connell Bill Dial, Marc Scott Zicree April 16, 1999 K2822
A "bubble universe" envelops Quinn and Maggie. 
70 "Revelations" Robert M. Williams Jr. Marc Scott Zicree, Bill Dial April 23, 1999 K2823
After finding a science fiction novel that resembles the Kromagg Prime's conflict between the humans and Kromaggs, Quinn and Colin hope that the author can help them find Kromagg Prime and meet their birthparents. 

Season Five (1999-2000)[]

Ep# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code
71 "The Unstuck Man" Guy Magar David E. Peckinpah, Keith Damron, Bill Dial, Chris Black June 11, 1999 E0801
A scientist named Dr. Oberon Geiger uses Colin, Quinn and Quinn's double as guinea pigs for an experiment that combines people and parallel worlds. 
72 "Applied Physics" David R. Eagle Chris Black June 18, 1999 E0804
Diana attempts to separate Quinn and his double, while the combined version experiences violent flashbacks from Quinn's life. 
73 "Strangers and Comrades" Richard Compton Keith Damron June 25, 1999 E0809
The sliders land on a barren wasteland and are forced to participate in a neverending battle with the Kromaggs. 
74 "The Great Work" Reza Badiyi Robert Masello July 9, 1999 E0806
The sliders seeks assistance from reclusive monks who later refuse to let them leave. 
75 "New Gods For Old" Richard Compton David Gerrold July 16, 1999 E0810
Mallory is shot with a laser beam and ends up paralyzed, and looks for help from a group of spiritual healers. 
76 "Please Press One" Paul Jackson Bill Bigelow July 23, 1999 E0808
Maggie is kidnapped by a corporate conglomerate. 
77 "A Current Affair" David R. Eagle July 30, 1999 E0805
A tabloid newspaper spreads a rumor that the president of the United States is having an affair with Maggie. 
78 "The Java Jive" Jeff Woolnough Janet Saunders, Jennifer McGinnis August 6, 1999 E0807
The sliders land on a world where caffeine is outlawed. 
79 "The Return of Maggie Beckett" Peter Ellis Chris Black August 13, 1999 E0812
Maggie is mistaken for her astronaut double and is kidnapped by conspirators. 
80 "Easy Slider" David Peckinpah Janet Saunders, Jennifer McGinnis, Tim Burns August 20, 1999 E0813
On a world where gas powered vehicles are outlawed due to the pollution they generate, Mallory becomes friends with a group of motorcycle riders. 
81 "Requiem" Paul Lynch Michael Reaves September 10, 1999 E0802
Rembrandt receives visions from Wade. 
82 "Map of the Mind" Paul Raimondi Robert Masello September 17, 1999 E0811
Diana and Mallory become trapped at a mental institution. 
83 "A Thousand Deaths" David Peckinpah Keith Damron September 24, 1999 E0815
The sliders arrive on a world where the local population participates in deadly arcade simulators. 
84 "Heavy Metal" Guy Magar Chris Black October 1, 1999 E0814
The sliders exit a vortex in the middle of the ocean, and must join the crew of a pirate ship in order to get back to California. 
85 "To Catch a Slider" Peter Ellis Bill Dial, Chris Black January 14, 2000 E0816
The sliders must find a gem needed to repair their malfunctioning timer. 
86 "Dust" Teynaldo Villalobos Bill Dial, Chris Black, Tim Burns January 21, 2000 E0817
The group lands on a world where Rembrandt is regarded as a deity. 
87 "Eye of the Storm" David Peckinpah Chris Black, Eric Morris January 28, 2000 E0803
In their final encounter with Dr. Geiger, the scientist reveals that he can separate Mallory from his double Quinn. 
88 "The Seer" Paul Cajero Keith Damron February 4, 2000 E0818
On a world with a television program based on the sliders' adventures, a psychic predicts the sliders' fate; they die in their next slide, and he begs Rembrandt, Maggie, Diana and Mallory to stay. Although once again they do not want to stay. Their timer is destroyed and they have to find another way out, but there's a catch, only one can go. Who goes? Who stays? 

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  • Episode titles for season one were not shown on screen; they come from production scripts.
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