Feminist World
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Episode appearance The Weaker Sex
Date of Divergence Hundreds of years ago
Coordinates Unknown
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"Asteroid World" "Vacation World"
This is a universe where woman hold a superior social status and men are widely considered the inferior gender. During their nearly seven week stay on this Earth, Arturo becomes a leader in the "men's rights" movement by running for mayor of San Francisco, Wade and Quinn get jobs in the mayor's office, and Rembrandt is taken advantage of by a woman promising to introduce him to record producers.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

The divergence point of this Earth happened hundreds of years ago when women decided in the face of wars and mass killing to assume the dominant role in society. Since the switch, war and violent crime rates have dropped at the expense of relegating men to a second-class standing. As society progressed, women came to assume jobs in congress, nearly every company on the Fortune 500, proffesional sports, air piloting, space exploration, the music industry, the American military, every level of politics, and even that of the Catholic Pope. By 1995, Hillary Clinton is President of the United States and in the middle of health care reform while Anita Ross approaches re-election for San Francisco mayor. Meanwhile, few jobs are obtainable for men including nanny positions, modeling for projects like the "Sports Monthly" Swimsuit Edition, certain teaching capacities, and basic office work. Pro-men culture like "Gentlemen's Quarterly" is rare and not treated very seriously. Small movements of men fighting to shatter the "glass ceiling" oppressing their rights do exist, working towards changing the political status quo. however the idea of a man even running for political office is met with disgust and even lethal threats.

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