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Workers in biohazard suits
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 5
Written by Rose Schacht
Ann Powell
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Guest stars Will Sasso
Dean Haglund
Allison Hossack
Yee Jee Tso
Production no. 70402
Original airdate 1995-03-29
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"Fever" is the fifth episode of the science fiction television show Sliders. It originally aired on March 29, 1995.


We first see the sliders in a world where San Francisco has discovered that Oil is below it, they walk into a street party (where Rembrandt picks up money some throw into the air), they then find a place to slide to the next world. The world they arrive in is a place where the California Health Commission is in control of the city, where the people have an obsession with cleanliness and unfortunately the Quinn Mallory of that world is Patient Zero of a disease. They narrowly escape before Quinn is caught by CHC enforcers. They decide to check into a motel, just as Wade is starting to grow ill, Quinn is captured as he and the Professor try to get some aspirin from a pharmacy (which is more like an alternative pharmacy), the Professor escapes to inform Rembrandt that Wade is infected with the Q (by the man she kissed on the street that saved her from being ran over), a strep like plague that has ravaged that world and that he is infected as well. Wade escapes in a delusional state and the Professor and Rembrandt find her as they are surrounded by the Q infected.

They are escorted to a safehouse where Q infected people can live out their final days in dignity as the "Protection Camps" are described as "worse than a living death" where the local Quinn is in charge of it, when he gets confused why Wade acts like she knows him, Professor Arturo explains where they came from.

Meanwhile, Quinn is subjected to a painful decontamination process, which confuses Dr Morton and Dr Stanley (someone the local Quinn was close to prior to his infection) as he has no Q infection, while Dr Morton orders him to tell him how he cured the Q (threatening him with death), he tells the two he is from a parallel earth (multiple times) to the unbelieving doctors.

Meanwhile Wade is kept in a bed reserved for those who reach terminal cases of the Q (who progressed to that stage of infection because her immunity is different), Rembrandt and Professor Arturo find out the history of that world and realize that Penicillin was never discovered in that world, so while the Professor creates Penicillin, Rembrandt rescues Quinn from the CHC, who was aided by Dr Stanley, who was shot while she was following Quinn. Professor Arturo tests the antibiotic he created and it worked, he was able to provide Wade and the other sliders with it, so they didn't infect the next world with it, just as he finished explaining how to use it, the CHC finds the safe house and searches for Quinn, while the timer reached zero, the local Quinn appears to distract the CHC, he intends to stand against their repressive regime by spreading the cure around (preventing the CHC from controlling it's supply), the next world the Sliders arrive in, they are about to be attacked by Cannibals.

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  • This episode has similar themes to the movie made years later called Ultraviolet about a world where an oppressive government controls society through fear of a virus.

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