Free Love World
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Episode appearance Summer of Love
Date of Divergence 4–8 May 1942
Coordinates Unknown
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"Spiderwasp World" "Tsunami World"
The Free Love World is a highly political Earth stuck in the same cultural climate as the 1960's of Earth Prime. Having been separated on the previous world, Wade embraces a commune's mistaken image of her as a prophet, Rembrandt tries to take the place of his married double, and Quinn works with Arturo to improve the timer so that they can continue searching for home.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

The divergence point of this earth was the Battle of the Coral Sea in World War II. The Japanese invaded Australia and when the Nazis surrendered, the USSR helped "liberate" North Australia but never gave it back after World War II was over prompting America to get involved on the side of the South. So for decades the North have been fighting the South (much like the shorter Vietnam War on Earth Prime), which Arturo commented on with "different worlds, identical mayhem". As a result of this political climate, Oliver North was elected president in 1993 instead of Bill Clinton. The government's strong Republican involvment in the war created a radical liberal sect of citizens called "drop-outs" who oppose the "senseless" war and promote free love, drug use, and a higher spiritual values. This prolonged polarization of the American people led President North to pass the Emergency War Powers Act allowing the average citizen to report anti-social behavior to the FBI. This law also nullifies the need for a search warrant in cases involving conter-cultural threats. Astrology, for some reason, does not exist on this world.

A Spiderwasp is also set loose on this world (having followed the sliders from its own Earth), however the long-term effects of this were never explored.


  • Sergeant First Class Rembrant Brown married his high school sweetheart who became domineering sometime after their son was born. Presumably serving in the war to escape his home life, Rembrandt was presumed dead by the military and given a funeral service at home that was interrupted by the appearance of Earth Prime's Rembrandt. Before the sliding Rembrandt could get too comfortable, Sergeant Brown was rescued and word was sent home of his expected recovery from all war injuries. At some point in his life, Rembrandt had thought about making a musical career but never pursued it.
  • Conrad Bennish is the president of Young Republicans For the War. Conflicting with Earth Prime's Bennish, this Bennish holds patriotic and mainstream values.
  • Sharon Brown is Rembrandt's high school sweetheart turned wife. The Rembrandt of this world had the courage to ask her out in high school and their romance led to marriage the birth of Rembrandt Jr. However Sharon proves to be abusive and paranoid, believing her husband had been fooling around in Australia and took it out on the wrong Cryin' Man when Earth Prime's Rembrandt appeared to take her husband's place. When word came back from the army that her actual husband was alive and coming home, Sharon chased the sliding Remmy out of their home at the end of a loaded shotgun.
  • Cezanne Brown is Sergeant Rembrandt Brown's brother who believes himself to be the family achiever and suspects his brother has always been jealous of him.
  • The FBI Agents are federal investigators looking into reports of Quinn and Arturo's "anti-social" activity. While these four investigate the sliders on their earth, the same agents on Earth Prime are busy investigating the nature of the sliders disappearance.

See alsoEdit

  • Summer of Love- The episode featuring this world.
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