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A Kromagg finds Maggie attractive.
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 1
Written by David E. Peckinpah
Directed by Reza Badiyi
Guest stars Linda Henning (Mrs. Mallory)
Armin Shimerman (Shape-Shifting Guard)
Buddy Daniels (Horny Kromagg Guard)
Bodhi Elfman (Trevor Blue)
Tracie May (Kromagg aide)
Monte Perlin (Forklift Operator)
Marnie McPhail (Quinn's Mother)
Charley Lang (Starke)
Sandra Hess (Marta)
Danso Gordon (Otis)
Mongo Brownlee (Quinn's Guard)
Ted Barba (Kromagg Guard)
John Walcutt (Michael Mallory)
Production no. K2801
Original airdate June 8, 1998
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"This Slide of Paradise" "Prophets and Loss"
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"Genesis" is the title of the first episode of the fourth season of the science fiction television show Sliders. Maggie and Quinn arrive on Earth Prime, which Rembrandt and Wade had already slid to, only to discover it has been conquered by the Kromaggs.

Three months and ten slides after the events of "This Slide of Paradise", Maggie and Quinn land on his, Rembrandt, and Wade's home Earth after Quinn finally manages to fix the timer's tracking device, allowing them to track Wade and Rembrandt's vortex home. Maggie discovers that she's able to breathe now on this world, and she and Quinn get off the streets just in time to avoid being caught by Kromaggs—evolutionary offshoots of killer apes from an Earth where both they and humans gained ascendancy—driving a jeep. Arriving at their rendezvous point on most Earths, the Chandler Hotel, Quinn and Maggie meet Marta, the local leader of the human resistance. Shortly after Rembrandt and Wade arrived there, the Kromaggs used their own sliding technology and conquered this world. To Marta's knowledge, they're still alive and held in a Kromagg detention camp.

Infiltrating the prison compound, Maggie, Marta, and Quinn find Rembrandt held in solitary confinement. At first Rembrandt thinks it's some Kromagg trick to force information out of him (Kromaggs can also alter others' perceptions of them), but he's convinced by Marta. Quinn is shot down as the others escape, and under interrogation by the Kromagg commander, he learns that Wade has been shipped offworld to serve as a breeder for Kromagg-Human hybrids.

Maggie and Rembrandt persuade Marta to organize the area resistance cells to liberate Quinn due to his knowledge of sliding. Quinn is thrown in with the general population and prepared for shipment to a slave camp on another parallel world. While in the cell, he meets his mother from this world; before he is taken away, he learns from her that he is not from this world—his birth parents were Sliders and, to hide him from the Kromaggs with whom they fought, took him to a parallel Earth where Quinn was left with their doubles on this world. Two years later, Quinn's parents came back for him, but his adoptive parents said he'd died so they wouldn't lose him. She produces a microdot that she says will explain everything.

On his way to be transported to the slave camp, Quinn is rescued by Marta, Maggie, Rembrandt, and various resistance members. They successfully repel the Kromaggs and escape, but Marta is killed in the fight and Quinn's adoptive mother is sent to the slave camp. Back at the Chandler, Quinn affixes the microdot to his forehead and hears a message from his real parents. They refer to the war between Kromaggs and humans on their world and say they will return for him when the war is over and the humans have won. Quinn's parents also give him the coordinates for the world on which they left their other son, Quinn's brother.

Maggie, Quinn, and Rembrandt decide to head for that world and retrieve his brother as well as find Quinn's homeworld. He deduces they must have found a weapon to defeat the Kromaggs because his parents did come back for him, and they'd have more of a chance with that than becoming part of the resistance. Quinn opens the vortex and promises Earth Prime "we'll be back, you can count on that" before sliding once more with Rembrandt and Maggie.

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