Gillian of the Spirits
Sliders S02E07
Wade walking through Quinn
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 3
Written by Tracy Tormé
Directed by Richard Compton
Guest stars Gillian Barber
Alex Ferguson
Peter Fleming
Tom Butler
Mitchell Kosterman
Sheelah Megill
Deanna Milligan
Nicole Parker
Gerard Plunkett
Silvio Pollio
Greg Rogers
William Sasso
Production no. SL-207
Original airdate March 15, 1996
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"Love Gods" "The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy"
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Gillian of the Spirits was the third episode of the second season of the television show Sliders. It aired on March 15, 1996.


The Sliders find themselves in a world where new technology is outlawed and the 50s are alive and well. However before they enter this earth, a lightning bolt strikes the wormhole, damaging the timer and rendering Quinn, who had been the last to go through, invisible and intangible. No one can see or hear him except for Gillian Mitchell, a girl who has a history of hearing voices. Ultimately, the Professor repairs the timer, but Quinn is left behind after being illuminated by the vortex to say a final goodbye. However, the vortex travels through the Astral Plane where Quinn is trapped and a second one opens up, allowing Quinn to slide to the next world and restoring him to normal.


  • When the taxi driver hears Gillian talking to Quinn, he asks if she is talking to him. He repeats this and then says you must be since I'm the only one here. This is reference to the movie Taxi Driver in which Robert De Niro plays a taxi driver.
  • Mike Butler makes his second appearance in the show playing Michael Mallory as Quinn's dad. He first appeared in the pilot.
  • This is third appearance of the character Gomez Calhoun who is the worker at the hotel and is played by William Sasso. He had previously appeared in the episodes "Fever" and "The King is Back"
  • Originally this episode was going to be called "A World Beyond."
  • Even though the Astral Plane is a key factor in the vortex, this is the only episode that mentions it.

Episode goofsEdit

  • In the end when they were in Nude World, you can see the under wire of the woman's bra.
  • Michael Mallory recognizes the adult Quinn, despite the fact that the Quinn Mallory of this world died of polio as a kid.
  • In Michael Mallory's basement, there is a mobile of the solar system with the pictures of the planets clearly taken from satellite flyby photos.
  • Arturo says the vortex only stays open for 60 seconds, but in the scene it was open for nearly 3 minutes.
  • Arturo says there is 17 seconds left on the timer, but it takes 27 seconds to open the vortex.
  • Even though Quinn is unable to touch or hold an object and passes through people, he manages to sit in a chair and take a taxi ride. He is also able to survive without eating or drinking.
  • At the lamplighter pub just after the professor and Rembrandt recover the timer, more modern clothing and cars can be seen.
  • After the professor fixes the timer, it looks good as new, when at the beginning of the episode it was severely damaged.
  • How can they interact with Quinn when he's in front of the vortex? The professor even says it's illuminating him but it makes no sense that he they could talk to him or he to them.

Earths visitedEdit

  • Rain World- An earth were San Fransisco constantly has violent storms.
  • 50s World- An earth where new technology is outlawed. It is always the 50s with the same movies, music, cars and technology (no tv, second and minute hand watches, etc.)
  • Nude World- An earth where everyone is a nudist.


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