Sliders S02E12
Rembrandt at the wedding
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 12
Written by Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Allan Eastman
Guest stars Benjamin Ratner
Doug Cameron
Aurelio Dinunzio
Russell Ferrier
Jano Frandsen
Byron Lucas
Donnelly Rhodes
Sarah Strange
Venus Terzo
Mel Tormé
Joe Maffei
Clinton Derricks-Carroll
Production no. K0804
Original airdate 1996-05-31
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"In Dino Veritas" "The Young and the Relentless"
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"Greatfellas" is the twelfth episode of the second season of the science fiction television series Sliders.


The Sliders land in a world where prohibition is still around and San Fransisco is run by the mob. It also turns out that Rembrandt's double is head of the FBI where the mob fears him. Rembrandt's double appears to be corrupt, but is in fact honest and the Sliders help him bring down the mob with the help of the leader's daughter. Afterwards, Rembrandt's double tells Rembrandt he does what he does despite the danger as he feels its worse to do nothing. During the episode, Quinn befriends Mel Torme (portraying himself) who is a double agent for the FBI and inadvertently exposed by Rembrandt upon arrival. Mel is apparently killed in a car bomb, but visits Quinn briefly in the last scene to reveal he survived and to wish Quinn luck.


  • The title of the episode is a spoof of the hit mob movie "Goodfellas"
  • Cleavant Derricks' twin brother Clinton Derricks-Carroll plays Remmy's alternate universe double in this episode, too
  • One of the bridesmaids is played by Tracy Torme's wife
  • More notably, Mel Torme, legendary singer and father of Tracy Torme, plays a major cameo role in this episode, and his final TV role before his death in 1999.
  • The questioning hall in this episode is the same one they were questioned in at Communist Earth, only back there it wasn't so empty.
  • Wade makes a reference to Casino, a movie that was released after she Slid from home. Granted, the movie was probably released on other worlds, but if not, how could she know about it?

Earths visitedEdit

  • Lawyer Earth: A Earth where around 84% of the population is lawyers. You can get sued and lose for just bumping into someone. You also need ID, and a doctor's note just to buy some french fries.
  • Mafia Earth: A world where prohibition is still around. The mobs control San Francisco.
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