Heat of the Moment was an episode of Sliders written by Tracy Tormé that was planned to have been part of the third series. It was cancelled when John Rhys-Davies was fired from production and Tormé refused to rewrite the script to accommodate his character's departure.

Plot Edit

The story would have found the sliders trapped on an Earth about to fall into the sun after a timer malfunction, with Arturo once again teaming up with Bennish to try and save the world. Meanwhile, Rembrandt goes to help his brother and Quinn and Wade, realizing the futility of trying to escape, decide to get married. Rembrandt is killed trying to reach his brother and Arturo doesn't tell Quinn and Wade about this. In the final scene, it is revealed that this group of sliders is not the main group of sliders, who briefly appear before leaving for another universe.

Trivia Edit

  • The storylines of the world ending, Arturo and Bennish working together, and Quinn and Wade exploring their relationship in the face of certain death, were all previously explored in the episode Last Days.
  • The story was also considered for use in the comic series but ultimately was again left unused.
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