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The "Ice World" was the first new world seen by Wade, Arturo, and Rembrandt. Quinn Mallory increased the power of the vortex and dragged himself, Wade and the Professor into the wormhole. Rembrandt Brown, who was passing by in his Cadillac, was also sucked in. Upon arrival, the Sliders discovered a San Francisco covered in thick snow.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

The Professor and Quinn had a few theories on how this world had come about. Firstly, a Nuclear Winter could have resulted from nuclear weapons creating enough soot and smoke to affect the stratosphere. Secondly, a tilt in the Earth's axis could have kept San Francisco away from the sun's rays long enough to create a drastic change in climate. The third theory was that some ecological disaster like mass pollution had wreaked havoc on the ecosystem. Since the nature of how this event came to exist is unknown, it is also unknown when this world turned cold. A picture found by Quinn in his double's house reveals it was recently enough for Quinn's double to grow up and live with his family without these conditions.


  • Quinn Mallory is a double of Quinn's who grew up with both parents and a younger sister. Whether due to this different upbringing or not, Quinn never built a labratory in the basement and the extent of his scientific knowledge is entirely unknown.
  • Michael Mallory is a double of Quinn's father who was never killed in a car accident. Given more time than his Earth Prime counterpart, Michael went on to have a daughter.
  • Amanda Mallory is a double of Quinn's mother who never lost her husband in a car accident or her son to a Sliding accident.
  • Bopper is the Mallory family's pet dog who either never ran away in Quinn's youth or was found by a more plentiful and better organized Mallory family.


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