Kromagg Prime
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Date of Divergence 5-8 Million Years Ago
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Kromagg Prime is the fictional Parallel earth of the Kromaggs on the sci-fi TV show Sliders. An alternate version also exists, named Kromagg Double Prime, inhabited by a meek and docile breed of the Kromagg species (it appeared only once, during the episode "Revelations").

This alternate Earth was originally inhabited by both humans and Kromaggs. Around 1975, Michael and Elizabeth Mallory invented a weapon to defeat the Kromaggs and removed them from this world. They then cloaked Kromagg Prime with a Slidecage to prevent the Kromaggs from returning.

Quinn and Colin Mallory were born on Kromagg Prime but were sent to alternate earths by their parents at a young age.

In the second season episode "Invasion", Kromagg Prime is described as a jungle planet with cities built in trees so tall, "they would make the redwoods look like matchsticks".

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