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Last Days
Sliders s01e04.jpg
Professor Arturo talking to Conrad Bennish, Jr.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Written by Dan Lane
Directed by Michael Keusch
Guest stars Brian Arnold
Jacqueline Dandeneau
Michael Dobson
Jason Gaffney
Jennifer Hetrick
Gerry Nairn
Robyn Palmer
Patrick Stevenson
Malcolm Stewart
George Touliatos
Carlton Watson
Norma Wick
Hidalgo Rubin
Production no. 70404
Original airdate 1995-04-05
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"Fever" "The Weaker Sex"
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"Last Days" is the sixth episode of the science fiction television show Sliders. It originally aired on April 5, 1995. On this Earth, an asteroid approaches the Earth, and all human civilization prepare for the apocalypse.


The fate of the world rests in the hand of Arturo and Conrad Bennish, Jr. when they build an atom bomb and attempt to destroy an asteroid headed for Earth. In this world, Wade and Quinn finally begin to face their feelings for each other, which Quinn does not want to admit, after realizing both are probably going to die. Wade remembers this throughout the series.

Worlds Visited[]


  • Several first season episodes were originally shown out of order. This episode was intended to be aired fourth (as indicated by the production number) but was instead shown third.
  • In second seasons "Gillian of the Spirits" there was a reference to an event in this episode.
  • Netflix currently does not have this episode.

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