This is a chronological list of Parallel earths visited by the Sliders.

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Season OneEdit

  1. Earth Prime
  2. Elvis World
  3. Ice World
  4. Cold War World
  5. Michael Mallory World
  6. Spiderwasp World
  7. Free Love World
  8. Tsunami World
  9. British States of America World
  10. Black Gold Rush World
  11. Q World
  12. Cannibal World
  13. Asteroid World
  14. Feminist World
  15. Vacation World
  16. Egghead World
  17. Lottery World

Season Two Edit

  1. Occult World (S2/Ep.1 "Into The Mystic")
  2. Hoover Prime (S2/Ep.2 "Time Again and World")
  3. Hoover Double Prime (S2/Ep.2 "Time Again and World")
  4. Anarchy World (S2/Ep.3 "El Sid")
  5. Prison World (S2/Ep.3 "El Sid")
  6. XY Virus World (S2/Ep.4 "Love Gods")
  7. World of Dust (World slid from in "The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy.") (Only mentioned)
  8. Lone Star World (S2/Ep.5 "The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy")
  9. Earth 113
  10. Republica de Neuva Espana World
  11. Quinn GF World 2 (Where she is beaten and unhappy) (S2/Ep.6 "As Time Goes By")
  12. Reverse Time World/Quinn GF World 3 (S2/Ep.6 "As Time Goes By")
  13. Rain World (S2/Ep.7 "Gillian of the Spirits")
  14. 50s World (S2/Ep.7 "Gillian of the Spirits")
  15. Nude World
  16. Psychic World (S2/Ep.8 "Obsession")
  17. Earth 113 (S2/Ep.9 "Invasion")
  18. Kromagg Outpost 66 (S2/Ep.9 "Invasion: Part 2")
  19. New France (S2/Ep.9 "Invasion: Part 2")
  20. Azure Gate Bridge World (S2/Ep.10 "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome")
  21. Dinosaur World (S2/Ep.11 "In Dino Veritas")
  22. Mob World (S2/Ep.12 "Greatfellas")
  23. Young Folk World (S2/Ep.13 "The Young and the Relentless")

Season Three Edit

  1. Low Resource World (S3/Ep.1 "Double Cross")
  2. War Game World (S3/Ep.2 "Rules of The Game")
  3. Televised Trials World (S3/Ep.3 "Dead Man Sliding")
  4. Electric Twister World (S3/Ep.4 "Electric Twister Acid Test")
  5. 1984 World (S3/Ep.5 "The Guardian")
  6. Dream Master World (S3/Ep.6 The Dream Masters)
  7. Desert World (S3/Ep.7 Desert Storm)
  8. Druid World (S3/Ep.8 Dragonslide)
  9. Fire World (World Slid From in "The Fire Within")
  10. Oil World (S3/Ep.9 The Fire Within)
  11. Duke Rembrandt World (S3/Ep.10 The Prince of Slides)
  12. Android World (S3/Ep.11 State of the ART)
  13. Commercialist World (S3/Ep.12 Season's Greedings)
  14. Victorian Theme Park World (S3/Ep.13 Murder Most Foul)
  15. Egyptian World (S3/Ep.14 Slide Like an Egyptian)
  16. Beach Worm World (S3/Ep.15 Paradise World)
  17. The Time Machine World (S3/Ep.16 The Last of Eden)
  18. Pulsar World (S3/Ep.17 and 18 Exodus Parts 1 and 2)
  19. Caveman/Primitive World (S3/Ep.18 Exodus Part 2, S3/Ep.24 Dinoslide)
  20. Zombie World (S3/Ep.19 Sole Survivors)
  21. Superstition World (S3/Ep.20 The Other Slide of Darkness)
  22. Donor World (S3/Ep.21 The Breeder)
  23. Vampire World (S3/Ep.22 Stoker)
  24. No Smoking World (S3/Ep.23 Slither)
  25. Dr. Moreau World (S3/Ep.25)

Season 4 Edit

  1. Indian Biker World (World slid from in "Genesis")
  2. Earth Prime? (Labelled on as Earth Triple Prime)
  3. ATM World (World slid from in "Prophets and Loss")
  4. Oracle World (S4/Ep.2 Prophets and Loss)
  5. Samurai World (World slid into in "Prophets and Loss")
  6. Tropics World (World slid from in "Common Ground")
  7. Krommage Outpost 147 (S4/Ep.3 Common Ground)
  8. Tribal World (World slid from in "Virtual Slide")
  9. VR World (S4/Ep.4 Virtual Slide)
  10. Hangover World (World slid into in "Virtual Slide")
  11. Popcorn & Coke World (World slid from in "World Killer")
  12. The Last Man on Earth World (S4/Ep.5 "World Killer")
  13. Double Population World (S4/Ep.5 "World Killer")
  14. Amish World (S4/Ep.6 "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?")
  15. DNA Debit World (S4/Ep.6 "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?")
  16. Pro-Drug World (S4/Ep.6 "Just Say Yes")
  17. Acid Rain World (S4/Ep.7 "The Alternateville Horror")


  1. Earth Prime
  2. Kromagg Outpost 94
  3. Kromagg Outpost 66
  4. Igloo World (World slid from in "Rules of the Game.") (Only mentioned)
  5. Data World (The world of Data World)
  6. Kromagg Prime (Only mentioned)
  7. Kromagg Double Prime

Worlds not linked:

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