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Lone Star World
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Episode appearance The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
Date of Divergence 1860's
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"World of Dust" "Earth 113"

California is part of Texas. Lawyers are little more than gunslingers.

During the Civil War, when the north was embroiled in bitter fighting with the southern states, Texas, which was barely a state and was still a hotely contested territory with the Mexicans, solidified its hold as a soverign nation and begain gobbling land north and west of its borders. Without the troops to stop them, the United States and the Republic of Mexico let this formidible country expand in size and power to the state it is today.

In San Franisco, Legal battles have taken a whole new level, as lawyers settle their difference with the code of the west- Basically, a gun fight. The fastest to draw is the winner. If a man shoots another man, a preemptive Move, must go before a district judge.

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