Love Gods
Sliders S02E04
Quinn, Arturo, and Rembrandt inside a breeding camp.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 2
Written by Paul Jackson, Tony Blake
Directed by John McPherson
Guest stars Kathryn Anderson
Kathleen Barr
Brenda Crichlow
Kendall Cross
Georgia Emelin
Kamilyn Kaneko
Jayme Knox
D. Neil Mark
Jan Bailey Mattia
Jennifer Nash
Jon Pennell
Debbie Podowski
Andrew Guy
Dawn Roberts
Ona Grauer
Gwynyth Walsh
Production no. K0803
Original airdate March 8, 1996
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"Into the Mystic" "Gillian of the Spirits"
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"Love Gods" is the second episode of the second season of the science fiction television show Sliders. It originally aired on March 8, 1996.


The group arrive on a world where biological warfare has killed off most of the male population. Those who have survived are rounded up by the authorities and kept confined in "breeding centers", where they are forced to produce children with "acceptable" women in order to rebuild the population. Quinn, Prof. Arturo, and Rembrandt are mistaken for escaped breeders and sent to one of the centers. While they are wondering how to get out, another inmate named David overhears their conversation and reveals that he has been planning his own escape with the aid of his wife and sister. He offers to take them with him, so later that night, while the man's sister creates a diversion, the four manage to make it over the wall and into the wife's waiting car.

David's wife, Diana, hides them in her home while the three sliders contact Wade, who has been staying in a hotel. A detective hears Wade talking to them on the phone, however, and follows her to their hiding place. At first, everyone manages to evade the police except for Diana, who is taken into custody, but they are eventually separated. Wade, Rembrandt, and his fellow former inmate hole up in a hotel while trying to find the others. Professor Arturo is captured by rogue Australian agents (Australia has become the new superpower, because the continent's remote location allowed it to escape some of the harm of the virus) who want him for their own breeding program. Quinn is picked up and cared for by a sympathetic woman named Jane Hill, who lost her husband to the virus. The woman asks Quinn to father a child for her as she's not approved for one with a breeder and its left unclear if he agrees or not but its likely as she is shown to keep a picture of him.

Wade and Rembrandt come to the conclusion that both Quinn and Prof. Arturo have been kidnapped by the Australians and decide to defect so they can all be together in time for the next slide. The plan falls through, though, when they realize Quinn is not there. Wade then hits on a plan that will allow everyone to go free, including the former inmate and his wife. Speaking on behalf of the Australians, she meets with the detective and a doctor from the breeding center and offers three of the escaped inmates in exchange for the return of top "breeder of the month" Trevor Grant(who happens to be an Australian defector). The exchange is made to the Australian's satisfaction and the former inmate is reunited with his wife, but as Prof. Arturo and Rembrandt are traded, everyone escapes into the waiting van and Wade drives away.

They race towards the previously appointed meeting spot, police in pursuit, and see that Quinn has made it safely there with the help of his new friend. Wade creates a wormhole outside of the van and drives the whole thing through. Quinn says goodbye and dives in, just as the detective and doctor pull up, unable to stop them.

The Professor referred to one of the women as an Amazon. She in turn only smiled at him - her name was David.

This Alternate EarthEdit

Iraq released a virus in the 1980's which attacked the Y Chromosome (ironically eliminating the male population of Iraq), which went on to kill most of the male population of that world (the survivors had natural immunity to it), so the governments of the world, decided to put all their remaining men in "Breeding centers" to protect them from other governments and to protect them from mobs of women as they are in a race to repopulate, the men are then forced to mate with 5-7 women a day, some who escape go to Mexico which has no forced breeding. Australia was the furthest away from the virus to suffer the fewest casualities (starting with over 1100 men), so Australia and the US are more antagonistic towards each other.

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