Maggie Beckett
S4 maggie

Kari Wührer as Maggie Beckett

Portrayed by  Kari Wührer
First appearance The Exodus
Last appearance The Seer
Name Maggie Beckett
Occupation Military Captain
Family Thomas "The General" Beckett (father)
Dr. Stephen Jensen (husband, deceased)

Margaret Alison "Maggie" Beckett is a fictional character on the television show Sliders, played by Kari Wührer. She was introduced in the episode "The Exodus" and was present in the last nine episodes of the third season, and the entire fourth and fifth seasons. Maggie had a father named Thomas Beckett who was also in the military.

Character historyEdit

When the sliders first met Maggie in the episode The Exodus, she was a captain in the military under the command of Colonel Angus Rickman. She was married to Dr. Stephen Jensen, who was in a wheelchair due to an accident a year prior. She was part of a plot to assassinate Dr. Jaribeck, a scientist who discovered that a pulsar would soon irradiate the Earth, killing all life, although Maggie was unaware of the kill order until too late. Since the sliders were with him when he died, Maggie questioned them about anything he might have said. The sliders managed to escape from Maggie and locked her in the trunk of a car, but Maggie arrested the sliders when she met them again at Dr. Jaribeck's office at California Institute of Technology.

When Maggie's superiors learned about sliding technology, Quinn was ordered to help Dr. Jensen (Maggie's husband) perfect his sliding technology. Maggie and Quinn were ordered to scout parallel worlds to find one that was suitable to build a colony where people would be free from the deadly pulsars.

Maggie almost died when she arrived to Earth Prime and was unable to breathe the air. Quinn concluded that the people on Maggie's earth must have different lungs than the lungs of people on Earth Prime.

Dr. Jensen felt that Quinn and Maggie were attracted to each other and was angry at Quinn because of that.

Rickman killed Dr. Jensen to keep him quiet. When Maggie found out that Rickman murdered her husband, she wanted revenge. Rickman slid, so Maggie's only way to get revenge was to slide with Quinn, Rembrandt and Wade. Right after Maggie decided to slide with the others, when Quinn said, "Welcome aboard, Captain Beckett," Maggie revealed that she resigned her position in the military and was now just 'Beckett' and no longer 'Captain Beckett'.

In the episode "Roads Taken", Quinn and Maggie went into a "bubble universe" that existed only for the two of them. In that universe, the two were married and had a child named Thomas (named after Maggie's father).

Relationship with WadeEdit

Maggie and Wade never got along. When they first met, Wade said, "There's something about that woman I don't like. Make that everything about that woman I don't like." Maggie was critical of the way Wade was handling the death of Maximillian Arturo and used it as evidence that she was weak. However she started to understand as she also broke down due to her husband's death and reevaluated her opinion of Wade somewhat when Wade saved her life from a zombie commenting that Wade "showed her something" by doing that and seemed somewhat humbled by the experience. In the episode "Dinoslide", the conflict between Wade and Maggie was further examined. At the beginning of the episode, Wade was upset about Maggie's desire to kill Rickman out of revenge. Later, when the sliders encountered dinosaurs, Maggie wanted to kill the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Wade remarked, "Isn't there anything she doesn't think about killing?" By the end of the episode, there were indicators that the two were starting to get along; Wade and Maggie said, "Nice shooting!" to each other as they were shooting a gun at an oxygen tank in the dinosaur's mouth in an attempt to kill the dinosaur. The last time they saw each other was in the episode "This Slide of Paradise". At the end of the episode, Maggie said, "I'm going to miss you getting on my nerves Wade!" and then Wade responded by saying, "Same here." When Maggie met Marda in the episode "Genesis", Marda said, "Wade said you were a tough bitch," and Maggie responded, "Yeah, I bet she did!"

Personal informationEdit

In the episode "This Slide of Paradise" it was revealed that Maggie had an affair with Angus Rickman. She said it was the biggest mistake of her life.

Maggie's father's name is Thomas Beckett. Thomas Beckett is also the name of the brother of Sam Beckett in the show Quantum Leap (leading to the popular fanon belief that she may in fact be Sam's niece).

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