Map of the Mind
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 12
Written by Robert Masello
Directed by Paul Raimondi
Guest stars Paul Sand (Dr. Malcolm White)
Claudette Roche (Dr. Alice Ruskin)
Phil Parolisi (Pajama Man)
Jonathan Brent (Sean Carter)
Tamara LaSeon Bass (Stacy)
Michael McCraine (Jane White)
Production no. E0811
Original airdate 9/17/1999
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"Requiem" "A Thousand Deaths"
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The sliders arrive in the world where they meet a man and Maggie hides the device in her black leather jacket. The sliders arrive at a mental institution in the middle of an unusual riot. Rembrandt and Maggie escape capture, but Diana and Mallory get left behind. While Mallory has managed to pose as a doctor, Diana is mistaken for a patient and undergoes the process of her brain being remapped. Maggie and Rembrandt meet Sean Carter and after a talk Sean leaves and attempts to kidnap Maggie and Rembrandt, but before Sean and his men get them Maggie shoots Sean and replies, "Night, Night", while wearing her leather jacket. Mallory nearly gets his brain remapped too, but is rescued by Maggie and Rembrant, but they find Diana completly out of it and a guard sets off the alarm after finding the doctor unconcious. Rembrant gets the patients to riot while the others get Diana to the remapping room to try to find a neurosurgeon and reverse the process. While explaning to one of the patients why he incited the riot, he mentions the need for a neurosurgeon and the patient reveals that he is one. He turns out to be Doctor Malcolm White, the creator of the remapping device who isn't crazy, but checked himself into the hospital out of guilt after his experiments made his daughter crazy and government interference prevented him from ever reversing it. White attempts to reverse the process and fails, but tries again using a suggestion from Mallory, but there is no way to tell if it worked. Before the Sliders leave, Rembrant suggests that White use his knowledge of the machine to make a real difference in the world and the Sliders leave. On the next world, its revealed that the attempt worked and Diana is back to normal.

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