On Earth Prime, Michael Hurley (played by Gary Jones) works at Doppler Computer Store, and was the boss of Quinn and Wade until they went sliding (September 27, 1994). On that day, Quinn's double arrived on Earth Prime, and made some remarks to Mr. Hurley that got Quinn fired.

An alternate version of Mr. Hurley is in the second part of the pilot. On an alternate Earth where, in 1994, the United States is a territory of the Soviet Union, Mr. Hurley is part of an underground American revolutionary group, and is under the command of this world's Wade Welles.

In the episode "Prince of Wails," on a world where the United States lost the Revolutionary War, and in 1995 is the "British States of America," Mr. Hurley works for this world's version of Maximilian Arturo, and was part of a plot to assassinate Prince Harold, heir to the British throne on that particular Earth.

Another version of Mr. Hurley is in the episode "Time Again and World," who also worked at the Doppler Computer Store.

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