Michael Mallory

Michael Mallory was the father of Quinn Mallory and the husband of Amanda Mallory on Earth Prime. He was struck and killed by a car on his way to work in 1984 when Quinn was eleven.

Michael Mallory was played by Tom Butler in the pilot and "Gillian of the Spirits"; Jim Turner in "Slide Like An Egyptian"; John Walcutt in "Genesis", "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", "Slidecage", "My Brother's Keeper", and "Revelations".

An alternate version of Michael Mallory was seen in the second part of the pilot at the end of the episode. Originally, Quinn and the others thought they were home, but when Quinn saw his father, he realised that he was not home, as Quinn's father had been dead for eleven years. When Quinn's father saw Quinn's reaction he said, "What's the matter Quinn, you look like you've seen a ghost?"

Another version of Michael Mallory was seen in the episode "Gillian of the Spirits". This was on an alternate Earth where the population was afraid of technology, and technology that was more advanced than that available by the 1940s was illegal. The Michael Mallory on this earth was an advocate of technology and spent five years in jail for possessing technology. He was working with a group called Bayside Power that was secretly developing technology in the hopes that technology would be legalized. If technology becomes legal, Bayside Power intends to sell the technology they developed and have an advantage in the market because they would be the only ones with this technology.

The Quinn Mallory of this Earth died of polio. Arturo, Wade, and Rembrandt came to this Michael Mallory because the timer was broken, Quinn was missing, and they needed technology to fix the timer. Michael Mallory pretended to want to help the sliders, but in fact he only wanted to steal the timer to give its technology to Bayside Power, and then was going to kill the sliders.

When the sliders found out about Michael Mallory's intentions, they broke into his house to take the technology necessary to fix the timer. They fixed it with 17 seconds left, but right then Michael Mallory came down with a gun and told the sliders that they were not going anywhere. When they opened the vortex, Quinn, who was stuck in the astral plane, became visible by the vortex. Michael Mallory demanded the sliders turn the vortex off and announced "My son is dead!" Quinn responded saying, "I'm not the Quinn you knew but I am your son." Quinn also said that he didn't believe that his father would hurt innocent people, and then Michael Mallory put down his gun.

Quinn was reunited with his father from earth prime in the episode "Slide Like An Egyptian". The people of this world were conducting an experiment to kill people and bring them back to life to learn about the experiences in the afterlife. Quinn was dead for five minutes, and was the first person brought back to life. He saw his father in the afterlife; they threw the football to each other, and Quinn explained to him that he could not find his way home. Quinn's father told him, "if you can touch it, you can catch it."

In "Genesis" Quinn learned from Amanda Mallory that the people he thought were his parents were in fact alternates of his birthparents, so thus learned that the Michael Mallory from earth prime was not his biological father and that his biological father was still alive on Kromagg Prime. Quinn learned that the Michael Mallory from Kromagg prime built a weapon to defeat the Kromaggs.

Quinn met an alternate version of Michael Mallory in "My Brother's Keeper". This Michael Mallory is a doctor who developed a technique to clone humans. He cloned people with the money to afford it, kept the clones in a repository, and transplanted an organ from the clone if needed. Michael Mallory mistook Quinn for his own son's clone. A group of people opposed to cloning abducted Michael Mallory. One of the anti-clone advocates wanted to kill him, but Quinn wanted to use him as a bargaining chip to free his friends. After a talk between Quinn and this Michael Mallory, Michael Mallory was convinced to quit his job that involved cloning humans, and after this he opened up a clinic for people who sold their organs to the wealthy.

Quinn and Colin met a version of Michael Mallory in "Revelations" which he thought was his and Colin's birthfather and they thought they were on Kromagg Prime. As it turns out, they were on an earth that was similar to Kromagg Prime, but not Kromagg Prime (some fans call it Kromagg Double Prime). In the 1970s, the Michael Mallory on this earth, along with his wife Elizabeth Mallory, created a disease to destroy the Kromaggs on that earth. Isaac Clark, who was sentenced to exile from Kromagg Prime, returned in the late 1990s with the help of the sliders and came to submit evidence against this earth's Michael and Elizabeth Mallory to put them on trial for their crimes against the Kromaggs.

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