Michael Mallory World
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Episode appearance Pilot
Date of Divergence 80's
Coordinates Unknown
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"Cold War World" "Spiderwasp World"

This is a world nearly identical to Earth Prime. Escaping from the dangerous Cold War World, the Sliders mistook this world for Earth Prime until discovering that Quinn's father Michael Mallory is still alive and well on this Earth.

Differences from Earth Prime

Based off the Sliders' short time in this world, Michael Mallory World is nearly identical to Earth Prime and is the most similar world to Earth Prime seen in the entirety of the show's run. Its lone divergence from Earth Prime is the health of Michael Mallory who, unlike his Earth Prime double, is still living. This difference would make this world's divergence point the day of Michael's car accident during Quinn's youth. It's possible this world contains other differences unseen by the Sliders.


  • Quinn Mallory is a San Francisco scientist who, unlike Earth Prime's Quinn, grew up with both his parents. He is never seen and has been missing long enough for his mother to mistake Earth Prime's Quinn for her own. His wherabouts are unknown but considering the sudden nature of his absence and Amanda Mallory's suggestion that he was last seen in the basement, it is possible that this Quinn has also invented Sliding and that he's traveling the multiverse with or without this world's Arturo, Wade, and Rembrandt.
  • Michael Mallory is Quinn's father in a world where he was never hit by a car. His existence is the divergence that convinces the Sliders that they are not back on their own Earth.
  • Amanda Mallory is Quinn's mother who raised her only son with the help of her still living husband Michael. Besides the continued existence of her spouse, this Amanda appears identical to that of Earth Prime.
  • Pavel Kurlienko is a taxi driver who takes the Sliders to Quinn's house. He is a fan of the Spinning Topps, claiming to own all their albums and recognizing Topps member Rembrandt "Cryin Man" Brown on sight.
  • The Soviet Bum is a park dwelling homeless man whose communist idealism is ignored. When the Sliders discover him asleep in the park, they give him their currency from the previous world where America was ruled by the Soviets.

See also

  • Sliders (episode)- The pilot episode of the series in which this world is visited.
  • 50s World- Another world where Michael Mallory is alive.
  • Elvis World- An Earth also originally mistaken for Earth Prime.
  • Earth Double Prime- Another world the Sliders initially mistake as their own.
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