Oberon Geiger is a scientist played by Peter Jurasik. He merged Quinn with one of his alternates and caused Colin Mallory to be "unstuck" in space time. He was seen in the episodes "The Unstuck Man", "Applied Physics", and "Eye of the Storm". Dr. Geiger himself is "unstuck" in space-time, which means that he is not anchored on one parallel world and constantly slides randomly to alternate parallel worlds. Dr. Geiger has to use special equipment to stay on his earth and even then he is only able to stay in a small part of his lab.

He is first seen in the episode "The Unstuck Man", conducting a science experiment that involved counting down to the same point in time as to when the sliders' timer would hit zero. When the sliders (which at the time were Rembrandt, Maggie, Colin, and Quinn) arrived on the new world, the people that slid out were Rembrandt, Maggie, and Mallory, who is Quinn's fraternal alternate that Maggie and Rembrandt just met. Quinn and Colin did not slide out of the vortex. Mallory had memories of the Quinn Mallory that Maggie and Rembrandt knew. When Mallory called Dr. Geiger about this, he asked Mallory if he was now two people.

At one point, Dr. Geiger agreed to extend the time Rembrandt and Maggie had to stay on the current world to give them more time to attempt to retrieve Colin and Quinn. However, this was a trap to get Rembrandt and Maggie into suspended animation.

It was Dr. Geiger who merged Quinn Mallory with his fraternal alternate, Mallory. It was also Dr. Geiger who caused Colin to be unstuck in space-time. Dr. Geiger was about to conduct another experiment to merge alternate earths together, just like he had merged Quinn and Mallory. Dr. Geiger believed that this would create a better world. Dr. Diana Davis, who worked with Dr. Geiger and had been very supportive of him up until now, said that Dr. Geiger was forcing this on unsuspecting people who might not want this. Dr. Geiger responded saying he wasn't in the mood for an ethics debate. Mallory said that Dr. Geiger would kill millions with his experiment and that he had to be stopped. Dr. Davis ended Dr. Geiger's experiment, and caused him to be no longer anchored in the small part of his lab. Thus, Dr. Geiger was now "unstuck" again, sliding randomly between alternate worlds.

Dr. Geiger was seen again in "Applied Physics", where Dr. Geiger convinced Diana Davis that he had good intentions when he did not, and caused Diana to do something that would alter the complete history of this alternate earth--including dramatically alter the life of her double on this earth.

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