Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 6
Written by Marc Scott Zicree
Bill Dial
Chris Black
David E. Peckinpah
Directed by David E. Peckinpah
Guest stars Adrienne Barbeau (Mother Morehouse)
Susan Haskell (Susanna Morehouse)
Ishtar (Betty)
Van Stewman Jr. (Farmer #1)
Martin Eric (Farmer #2)
Charlie O'Connell (Colin Mallory)
Ben Jones (Dawson)
Production no. K2811
Original airdate 7/6/1998
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"World Killer" "Just Say Yes"
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The sliders track down Quinn's long lost brother, Colin, to an Amish-type Earth. Quinn convinces Colin they are brothers and to slide to find their true home. But on the next world, a double of Colin's former love takes advantage of him and involves him in a scam to steal cryogenically frozen bodies.

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