Every version of Pavel Kurlienko (played by Alex Bruhanski) that the Sliders have met has been a taxi driver. Two different versions of him are seen in the second part of the pilot. The first version was from the Soviet-ruled America, and was encountered by Rembrandt Brown. Pavel turned Rembrandt into the authorities on this world for handing him a dollar bill, which was the trademark of the underground American revolutionary on this alternate Earth.

Another version of Pavel was seen at the end of the episode, on an Earth that was very much like Earth Prime, but where Michael Mallory was still alive. Rembrandt feared of him because Pavel was the one who turned him into the authorities on the previous Earth. Rembrandt nearly left the taxi when Pavel said he recognized Rembrandt, but stayed when Pavel said he recognized that Rembrandt was "The Crying Man."

Other versions of Pavel are also seen in "Fever" and "Into the Mystic." When Rembrandt met the version of Pavel in "Fever," Rembrandt asked Pavel if he liked driving taxis. Pavel responded by saying "[it] was his destiny." Rembrandt said, "You don't know the half of it!"

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