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Q World
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Episode appearance Fever
Date of Divergence 1928
Coordinates Unknown
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"Black Gold Rush World" "Cannibal World"

This is an alternate Earth ravaged by a deadly plague called "The Q". Quinn Mallory is mistaken for his double and arrested by the California Health Commision as Patient Zero while Arturo races to invent penicillin before he, Wade, and Rembrandt succumb to the Q.

Differences from Earth Prime[]

The divergence point separating this world from Earth Prime occurred in 1928 when Sir Alexander Fleming failed to notice the bacteria killing powers of Penicillium notatum. The missed discovery of penicillin left society highly susceptible to bacterial infection for decades and rendering the field of medicine greatly limited. Years later, Dr. Darren Morton developed a bacterial infection and gave it to volunteering medical student Quinn Mallory who was released back into the population after false claims of total health. Thus, Quinn Mallory became patient zero for the Q epidemic which rapidly spread through the populace afflicting the sufferers with yellow skin, strep like symptoms, red eyes, and ghastly hallucinations. Mallory was captured but escaped custody by the time quarantine zones had been built for the sick while expensive and sanitized zones were made available for the wealthy to survive. Any carriers caught outside the quarantine zones were forced into protection camps which the sliders never saw but were described as "worse than a living death". In the wake of the Q plaque, the California Health Commission was given jurisdiction over any facet of society related to health. They used this power to control the market, selling products like sanitation kits and germ resistant suits and requiring businesses like diners and hotels to be CHC approved. The food sold in this culture is below the standard of airline meals and quality of life has greatly suffered in general for the sake of protecting against the Q.

Impact of Visit on World[]

The Sliders introduce Penicillin, a cure for the Q plaque.


  • Patient Zero Mallory was the first person to be infected with the Q and the disease may well be named after his first name, Quinn. Infected by the government to kill off the poor and profit off the rich, Mallory began a plague that wreaked havoc on a world devoid of penicillin. After escaping capture by the CHC, Quinn has been sneaking from one quarantine zone to another, with a million-dollar bounty on his head and doing his best to help Q sufferers until meeting Arturo of Earth Prime who developed a basic penicillin and gave it to Mallory to battle both the Q and the CHC. This Quinn Mallory devoted his time to the field of medicine where as Earth Prime's Quinn Mallory was raised in a much healthier society and was free to pursue physics instead.
  • Gomez Calhoun is an employee of the motel Rembrandt checks the sliders into during their stay in this world. This version of Gomez is highly health conscious but is willing to take Rembrandt's word that Wade is hung over and not infected in order to gain customers who have nearly disappeared since the Q infection.
  • Pavel Kurlienko is a taxi driver who, in this dimension, drove Rembrandt to the CHC headquarters to find Earth Prime Quinn. This is the third taxi-driving Pavel the sliders have encountered; Rembrandt and Pavel both muse that taxi driving is likely his destiny.

See also[]

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