Rembrandt Brown
S3 rembrandt.jpg

Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown

Portrayed by  Cleavant Derricks
First appearance Sliders, Part One
Last appearance The Seer
Name Rembrandt Brown
Nickname(s) Remmy
Aliases The Crying Man
Date of birth March 4, 1955
Occupation Singer
Earth of origin Earth Prime

Rembrandt Lee Brown was a fictional character played by Cleavant Derricks on the science fiction television show Sliders. In 1994, Rembrandt was living in San Francisco. Rembrandt is a musician who was often called The Crying Man because he cried real tears on stage. Remmy is a common nickname for Rembrandt. In "Summer of Love" Wade said Rembrandt is Gemini which puts his birthday between May 21 and June 21, however, a "slide online" feature of the Sci Fi Channel's Sliders website listed Rembrandt's birthdate to be March 4, 1955. He served time in the US Navy and he is the only character to remain with the show for the whole series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rembrandt was going to make a comeback on September 27, 1994 when he was going to sing the national anthem at a San Francisco Giants baseball game. On his way to the stadium, Rembrandt was pulled into Quinn Mallory's sliding vortex along with his Cadillac. Rembrandt was the only of the original four sliders who didn't choose to slide and at the beginning, he strongly resented Quinn for accidentally pulling him into the vortex. However, Quinn and Rembrandt later became good friends.

Wade and Rembrandt were able to slide to Earth Prime in 1997 or 1998. However, the Kromaggs quickly took over that world and captured them. The Kromaggs threatened to send Wade to a breeder camp on another world if he didn't tell them how to find Quinn, whose independent development of sliding would allow them to invade their own homeworld, Kromagg Prime. Rembrandt didn't tell them what he didn't know, so Wade was sent to the breeder camp. A month after Wade was taken, Quinn and fellow slider Maggie Beckett freed Rembrandt from the Kromagg prison. After this experience, he was feeling very guilty feelings towards what happened to Wade, as well as anger toward the Kromaggs.

Rembrandt is the only character who stayed in the show from the 1st to the last episode. He had to see the death of Maximillian Arturo as well as deal with the fates of Wade Welles and Quinn and Colin Mallory.

In the final episode, "The Seer", Rembrandt found a biological weapon there which he intended to use against the Kromagg invaders on Earth Prime. At the same time, a psychic (who already knew a lot about the Sliders, suggesting the psychic's powers might be real) predicted that the next time the Sliders would slide, they would die. Rembrandt decided to slide alone for this slide because the Kromagg sliding equipment being used was heavily damaged and would only accommodate one person. The others believed they might have altered the future predicted by the psychic by having only Rembrandt slide instead of all four of them. Alas, the seer died before he could answer them.

Rembrandt's fate and the fate of Earth Prime, was to be part of a cliffhanger season finale, which turned out to be a series finale, so the cliffhanger wasn't resolved and the fates of Rembrandt and Earth Prime were never revealed. There are a few rumours that Rembrandt might already be dead.

Music career[edit | edit source]

Rembrandt Brown has a career as a musician. He is called The Crying Man because he cries real tears on stage. Some of his songs include:

  • Cry Like a Man
  • Tears in My 'Fro
  • Love Explosion
  • Head-Butt Me
  • Weeping Wall of Tears
  • Explosion of Love
  • Who Stole My Woman?
  • I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You (hit in an alternate universe)

Rembrandt used to sing with a group called The Spinning Topps. His last performance with the Spinning Topps was in December 1986 (Reference: Into the Mystic).

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

It is suggested numerous times in the series that Rembrandt is religious. In the series finale, "The Seer", Rembrandt attends church and says it has been a while since he previously attended church. In the episode "Prophets and Loss", during a discussion about religion, Rembrandt says, "You have to believe in something." Also, in the episode "Asylum", he holds a conversation with "Grace" which ends with him saying "I think it means that the same God is in all these worlds." In the episode "Last Days", he tells the priest that it is a long time since he was last in a church, but ends up volunteering there later in the episode.

Rembrandt is against gun ownership. In the episode "The Prince of Wails", when Arturo was teaching the United States Bill of Rights to Prince Harold, when they discussed the second amendment, the right to bear arms, Rembrandt suggested scratching that one. He did however suggest equal rights to everyone, regardless of "race, religion and musical preference".

Family[edit | edit source]

Rembrandt has at least one older brother, Cezanne (who is also named after a painter) and no sisters ("Summer of Love").

Rembrandt has no children ("Invasion").

He has a cousin that is a security guard in Vero Beach, FL ("Greatfellas").

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Quinn Mallory: Initially, Rembrandt was at odds with Quinn, being the only one not to consent to sliding. The bitterness continued for a short duration, but dulled as Rembrandt gained respect for Quinn and an adventurous outlook when it came to sliding. The two became close friends, like brothers, though they still occasionally harbored conflicting views. Rembrandt gave Quinn the nickname "Q-Ball."
  • Wade Wells: Initially, Wade was accommodating but grew annoyed with Rembrandt's constant complaints about being dragged into sliding. Eventually, they developed a strong friendship based on their views of sliding and their non scientific approach (they are usually the ones to think of practical matters such as money and food). Over time, their relationship evolved into a deep brother/sister bond and became the closest relationship in the group ("Dragonslide.") Because of this, Rembrandt carried a great weight of guilt when Wade was taken to a breeder camp by the Kromaggs and even offered to die with her rather than let her die alone ("Requiem").
  • Maximillian Arturo: The Professor and Rembrandt were never really close but they did become friends respected each other as equals. As the two older members of the group, they understood the harsh realities of sliding better than Quinn and Wade.

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