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File:Sliders - Revelations.jpg
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 22
Written by Marc Scott Zicree
Bill Dial
Directed by Robert M. Williams Jr.
Guest stars J. Anthony McCarthy (Man)
John Walcutt (Michael Mallory)
Marnie McPhail (Elizabeth Mallory)
Kristanna Loken (Catherine Clark)
Ken Jenkins (Robert Clark)
Jerry Hardin (Isaac Clark)
Joey Stafura (Clerk)
Production no. K2823
Original airdate April 23, 1999
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Revelations is the 22nd and final episode of the fourth season of the science fiction television show Sliders. The Sliders meet a refugee from "Kromagg Prime", Quinn and Colin Mallory's original home world, and journey there only to find it's not what they expected.

This episode also marks the final appearance in the series of actors Jerry O'Connell and Charlie O'Connell as Quinn and Colin Mallory.


Colin, Maggie, Quinn, and Rembrandt arrived in a dump site with a giant arm trailing them through the vortex. Maggie admits as the vortex closes that the owner of that arm wanted her to meet his parents! Reading the timer, Quinn finds out that they're on this alternate world for 624 hours (26 days). Colin and Quinn get jobs at the local gas station and Maggie works as a waitress in this relatively uneventful world.

In a general store, the Sliders come across a science fiction novel by Isaac Clark, an author whose stories about the human struggle against the "Gormaks" sound eerily like the fight on Colin and Quinn's homeworld. Their attempts to find him, however, are rebuffed until they meet Clark's daughter Catherine, who was born in this world years after Clark arrived. Clark reveals that on his homeworld he and their parents, Michael and Elizabeth Mallory, helped create the weapon that defeated the Kromaggs. Clark asked Mallory to slide him to this world because he couldn't bear what he'd done. He is convinced to help them return, though Catherine is at first distraught at learning this truth about her father.

Catherine, Colin, Isaac, Maggie, Quinn, and Rembrandt slide to this world where the humans defeated the Kromaggs and separate—Catherine and Isaac to stay at the Chandler Hotel, and the others to meet the elder Mallorys. Colin and Quinn are first greeted with open arms by their parents, but concern crosses Michael Mallory's face when Rembrandt reveals that Isaac came back with them. Rembrandt's given the timer by Quinn, who figures that since he's home he won't need it anymore. When Rembrandt asks to meet Isaac at the hotel desk, though, he's told that Clark never checked in.

Isaac and Catherine went instead to the basement apartment of his brother Robert, and the three conspire to reveal the truth about what happened to this world's Kromaggs. Rembrandt discovers them before they can put their plan into motion, and he learns that on this world, the Kromaggs never developed more than rudimentary intelligence and the humans ruthlessly persecuted them. Isaac was a Kromagg collaborator who used the Mallorys' sliding technology to ship thousands of Kromaggs offworld; those that remained were placed in concentration camps. Isaac Clark was exiled to another world, but just as on "Kromagg Prime", Quinn and Colin were sent offworld by their parents, but they were sent away after a camp uprising rather than to keep them safe from a Human-Kromagg war.

Michael and Elizabeth prepare to have Colin, Maggie, and Quinn arrested as criminals conspiring with the exile Clark, but they narrowly escape and meet Clark and the others as they're about to drive back to meet them. They're on the run from the police as Isaac collapses from exhaustion and tells Catherine and the Sliders to go on without him—the bag he carried with him has all the evidence they'll need to convict the Mallorys of genocide. Isaac is arrested, Catherine separates from them at the train station, and the Sliders mount the roof of the train and slide from it.


Note that the versions of Colin and Quinn's parents who appear in this episode are unique to this Earth - meaning, they are not the same Mallorys who appeared in previous episodes such as "Slidecage", just duplicates of them. The Mallorys from "Slidecage" etc., are Quinn and Colin's true parents, not the ones who appear in this episode. The Earth as shown in "Revelations" is known by some fans as "Kromagg Double Prime", to distinguish it from the other "Kromagg Prime".)


  • The title of the book in which the Sliders discover the clues is "Flow My Blood, the Soldier Said", a reference to Philip K. Dick's "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said".
  • The name of Isaac Clark can be taken as a bow to science fiction writers Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

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