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Sabrina Lloyd
Born November 20, 1970
Fairfax, Virginia
Occupation Actress

Sabrina Lloyd (born November 20, 1970 in Fairfax, Virginia) is an American film and television actress. She was raised in Eustis, Florida. Two of her most high-profile roles were as Wade Welles in the science fiction series Sliders, and as Natalie Hurley in the ABC sitcom Sports Night.

Early life[]

Sabrina Lloyd was born in Fairfax, Virginia. At age 12, she began acting by scoring the role of Pepper in a Mount Dora production of Annie.

When she was 15, she participated in a student exchange program which allowed her to spend a year in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. While there, she got some training at the Brisbane Royal Theatre Company. She went on to perform exclusively in theater until she was 18. Lloyd moved to New York when she was 18 to pursue a film career.


She continued to perform in local theater such as the Baystreet Players in Eustis, and the Ice House Theater in Mt. Dora, appearing in productions of Grease, Crimes of the Heart, and The Wizard of Oz. She made a guest appearance on an episode of Law & Order called "Intolerance", which got her a new agent and launched her career.

Her first breakout role in feature films was the movie Chain of Desire, followed by a starring role in Father Hood with Patrick Swayze. She appeared in the 1993 music video for the song "Iris" by The Breeders. Lloyd also made appearances on television, starring in the TV movies The Coming Out of Heidi Leiter, an episode of Lifestories: Families In Crisis and Love Off Limits.

In 1995, Lloyd took on the role of Wade Welles, one of the original four characters in the sci-fi TV show Sliders. In its third season, Sliders slowly grew to embrace a larger audience, but the series was still cancelled by Fox. In 1997, the show was picked up by the Sci-fi Channel, but Lloyd decided to option out of her contract to pursue new roles. She quickly landed a co-starring role as associate producer Natalie Hurley in the ABC sitcom, Sports Night, which satirizes sports and news coverage.

In 2005, she starred as Terry Lake on the television show, Numb3rs, but she left after the first season. Currently, Lloyd is the lead actress in the independent film Universal Signs.

Personal life[]

Outside of her acting career, she writes and records original music with her guitar. She has two cats named Lucy and Theodore and was a vegetarian for six years during the 1990s.[1][2]


  • Racing Daylight (2007) .... Helly/Vicky Palmer
  • Universal Signs (2006) .... Mary
  • Charlie's Party (2005) .... Sarah
  • NUMB3RS .... Terry Lake (2005)
  • The Girl from Monday (2005) .... Cecile
  • The Sisters of Mercy (2004)
  • The Breakup Artist (2004) .... Kara
  • Melinda and Melinda (2004) (uncredited)
  • Something for Henry (2004) .... Anna
  • My Sexiest Mistake (2004) (TV) .... Amy
  • DeMarco Affairs (2004) (TV) .... Jessica DeMarco
  • Ed (2003) (TV) .... Frankie Hector
  • Dopamine (2003) .... Sarah McCaulley
  • Couples (2002) (TV) .... Annie
  • Wanderlust (2001) .... Amanda
  • On Edge (2001) .... Becky Brooks
  • Madigan Men (2000) TV Series .... Wendy Lipton
  • Sports Night (1998–2000) TV .... Natalie Hurley
  • Sliders .... Wade Welles (1995–1997)
  • Lifestories: Families in Crisis
  • Iris (1994) (V)
  • Father Hood (1993) .... Kelly Charles
  • Love Off Limits (1993) (TV) .... Sarah Thompson
  • That Night (1992) .... Jeanette
  • Chain of Desire (1992) .... Melissa
  • Law & Order (1992) TV Episode .... Kate
  • Superboy (1988) TV Episode .... Betsy


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