Slide Like An Egyptian
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 14
Written by Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Adam Nimoy
Guest stars Apollonia Kotero (Dr. Deera Mubaric)
Shaun Toub (Kheri-Heb)
Claudette Mink (Sheilah)
Jim Turner (I) (Michael Mallory)
Armando Valdés (Seyn Jebid)
Terry Markwell (Reporter)
Justin M. Gorence (Priest)
Rocco Vienhage (Dr. Achbit)
Production no. K1817
Original airdate 1/17/1997
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"Murder Most Foul" "Paradise Lost"
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Slide Like an Egyptian was the fourteenth episode of the third season of the television show Sliders. It aired on January 17, 1997.


The sliders arrive on a world ruled by Egyptian culture. When Wade and Quinn interfere with a sacred scarab, they are taken prisoner. Quinn is used in a life-after-death experiment, and Wade is sent to a pyramid along with the scarab. As a result of learning Quinn might still be alive, the Sliders miss the slide and are stuck for 29 years. Quinn meanwhile escapes from the hospital with the help of a doctor and finds a second timer (the people of the world are Sliders too) and eventually reunites with the others in a secret tunnel under the pyramid. With the scarab after them on one side and the police on the other, the Sliders slide using Quinn's new stolen timer, escaping just in time.


Episode goofsEdit

  • Dr. Mubaric's name is Arabic in origin, Arabic having been spoken in Egypt since at least the seventh century. Arabic later replaced Coptic, an outgrowth of the Ancient Egyptian language, as Egypt's primary written and spoken language.
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