This page is to help users become familiar with the naming conventions when creating a new page for character doubles.

Most doubles of the main cast were not given a distinct name within the series, unlike Logan St. Clair and Mallory. These conventions are necessary for them. However they are not necessary for minor recurring characters such as Elston Diggs. Instead their appearances in other worlds should be a subsection of that character's article.

Possible Naming Conventions Edit

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  1. The name given by the Sliders/Writers
  2. The name of the character suffixed with the name of the episode: "[Character] ([Episode] double)", ex. "Rembrandt (Summer of Love double)", "Quinn (Eggheads double)"
  3. The name of the character suffixed with the double's Earth of origin in parentheses, ex. Quinn (Einstein World)
  4. The name of the character suffixed with divergent character trait of the double in parentheses, ex. Quinn (Athlete), Rembrandt (War Hero)

Character Doubles that require naming Edit

Episode(s) Double of ... Sliders Wiki name
Sliders (episode) Quinn Mallory Suggest a name
Sliders (episode) Maximillian Arturo Suggest a name

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