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Possible Naming Conventions

  1. The name given by the Sliders/Writers
  2. The name of the character suffixed with the name of the episode: "[Character] ([Episode] double)", ex. "Rembrandt (Summer of Love double)", "Quinn (Eggheads double)"
  3. The name of the character suffixed with the double's Earth of origin in parentheses, ex. Quinn (Einstein World)

Naming convention Advantages Disadvantages
The name given by the Sliders/Writers Canon Doubles are rarely given a unique name
The name of the character suffixed with the name of the episode Easy to name and remember A few doubles of the same character have appeared more than once per episode, ex. Daelin Richards
Some character doubles have been in several episodes, ex. The same Quinn double appeared in the pilot and The Other Slide of Darkness.
Character and World of Origin Unique Name of World must be decided first

Discussion Edit

I think this wiki should use the name given by the Sliders/Writers where possible and option three when it is not possible. -- a_morris 01:49, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

  • I like option #2 because it is the most clear cut. For doubles that appear in more than one episode, the first episode should be the one used. The biggest problem is when a character has more than one double in the same episode. In any case, I do think actual names, like Logan St. Clair, should be preferred. A redirect can be created in these cases, for example: Quinn Mallory (Double Cross double) could redirect to Logan St. Clair. On a side note, would the word "double" really be necessary? Wouldn't Quinn Mallory (Eggheads) make just as much sense as Quinn Mallory (Eggheads double)? DinoSlider (talk) 00:32, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

I think the approach we take on double naming should be dictated by the places in this wiki where double information is used. The only place I've really seen doubles discussed is in the few pages on worlds, where the writer's unique name takes a priority as can be seen on the Cold War World page. Lacking a unique name, the person's name is just used (i.e. Quinn Mallory) and it is clear by the page setup that "Quinn Mallory" means the Quinn double of that page's world. If these world pages are the only place where doubles are being named, I say we continue with the formula of the writer's name as priority one where available and the person's regular name otherwise. The only places I see we have a problem that this formula doesn't fix are pages for the smart Quinn from the pilot and the fake Arturo from Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome. Past that, the only doubles I can think of with enough story use to warrant their own page already have a unique, writer given name such as Logan St. Claire. 00:11, September 10, 2012 (UTC)

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