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Possible Naming Conventions

  1. The name given by the Sliders/Writers, ex. "Earth Prime", "Kromagg Outpost 113"
  2. The name of the episode with the suffix: "(earth)" or "(world)", ex. "Summer of Love (earth)", "Eggheads (world)"
  3. Earth Prime's titles, "Hippie World", "Einstein World"
  4. Named by divergent feature; similar to Earth Prime but unique to this wiki, ex. "Sixties World", "Intellectual World"

Naming convention Advantages Disadvantages
The name given by the Sliders/Writers Canon Not every earth is given a name
The name of the episode with the suffix: "(earth)" Easy to name and remember May be multiple earths in an episode
Several earths have been revisited
Earth Prime Already named Possible legal implications
Unique names Community driven Every name must be decided on before a page can be created

Vote Edit

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Discussion Edit

I think this wiki should use the name given by the Sliders/Writers where possible and unique names when it is not possible. -- A_morris 21:13, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

Names such as Kromagg Outpost Earth 66, Kromagg Outpost Earth 94, and so on should not be used. There is nothing on the show indicating these two Earths being the 66th and 94th Earths the Kromaggs have conquered. Not only that, but the Earth currently listed as Kromagg Earth 66 was supposed to have been conquered very shortly before the sliders arrived. Yet the Kromaggs have conquered at least 113 Earths at this point. Kromagg Outpost Earth 94 is supposed to represent the Earth of Smarter Quinn from the pilot. Since it was Smarter Quinn who gave the Kromaags the equation so the Kromaggs could control when and where they slide, wouldn't it make since that the Kromaggs would have conquered Smarter Quinn's world much sooner than "Kromagg Outpostr Earth 66"? Yet, Smarter Quinn's world has the larger number. uses these names for entertainment purposes. The Sliders Wiki should be used for informative purposes. I agree with A_morris, we should use names given by the Sliders and the Writers when available. When it's not possible, we should use unique names. Aerohead83 01:36, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

In the very first episode Smarter Quinn explained that sliding was random like a ball on a roulette wheel.  Unless he gave the Kromagg coordinates for his homeworld, they would only find it by accident.  _Qball, November 25th, 2014.

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