Sole Survivors
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 18
Written by Steven Kriozere
Directed by David E. Peckinpah
Guest stars Stephanie Niznik (Debra)
Jay Acovone (Dr. Tassler)
Lorin McCraley (Fenris)
Production no. K1819
Original airdate 3/7/1997
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"The Exodus" "The Breeder"
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The sliders arrive on a world where civilization has fallen to a bacteria that creates flesh-eating zombies. Shortly after arriving, Quinn is bitten, and starts turning into a zombie too. Looking for help at a hospital, Maggie and Quinn find a doctor, Doctor Tassler who is working on trying to create a cure without much luck. He was infected by the bacteria, but by boosting the manufacturers antidote and taking massive doses of it, he has kept the disease at bay. While trying to figure out a solution, Maggie remembers that a woman named Debra who had helped them earlier was apparently immune to the bacteria as she had been bitten but not infected. Quinn gets her blood and fixes her generator, but when he gets back to the hospital, the bacteria takes over him completly, but Maggie knocks him out. Maggie and Doctor Tassler give him massive doses of the manufactuerer's antidote, restoring him mostly to normal, but not curing him. Doctor Tassler is able to create a cure with the antibodies in Debra's blood and gives it to Quinn, saving him. As the Sliders hook up with the others, Debra is taken by the zombies and the Sliders and Doctor Tassler go after her despite Maggie's objections. Wade ends up being bitten while saving Maggie and earns some of her respect in doing so. Doctor Tassler gives Wade the cure and the Sliders offer Doctor Tassler and Debra to come with them as they leave, but Doctor Tassler decides to remain and try to use his cure to save his world and convinces Debra to stay and help him.

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