Spiderwasp World
Episode appearance Summer of Love
Date of Divergence No later than 1987
Coordinates Unknown
Worlds Visited
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"Michael Mallory World" "Free Love World"
The Spiderwasp World is a dangerous Earth where a swarm of genetically engineered hybrid "South American Spiderwasps" are ravaging the Western Hemisphere.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

The divergence point for this Earth occured in 1987 when Venezuelan scientists artificially created a spider/wasp hybrid as a potential form of pest control. The final result was a swarm of "spiderwasps" with a wingspan of up to a foot, barbed stingers filled with venom, and an immunity to all known pesticides. The queen spiderwasp eventually escaped, and within eight years the swarm had flown eight thousand miles north through much of South America and into southern California. The insects' appetite for drywall and human flesh have rendered any building useless for protection, and any citizen caught in the swarm's path is doomed to a painful death. Days before the group slid into San Francisco, the city had been abandoned and boarded up.


  • This is the first world, in production order, to not include any doubles.
  • The extreme danger in this world forces the Sliders to abuse the sliding machine and creates the need for the timer element used through the rest of the series.

See alsoEdit

  • Summer of Love- The episode featuring this world.
  • Ice World- Another world frought with enough danger to require an early slide.
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