Quinn Gives Kromaggs Sliding?Edit

Ok, so I was just thinking, one episode an alternate Quinn says that he gave the Kromaggs sliding technology, but later on, the show states that the Kromaggs invaded our Quinn's homeworld.  How is it possible that when Quinn was a baby, his parents were fighting the Kromaggs on their homeworld, but his alternate Quinn who states that he discovered the equation about 2 years before the series began.  How does it line up?  I suppose one could argue that he gave it to a different kind of Kromagg that we see in Invasion, than the ones our Quinn's parents were fighting.  However, there is never an indication of this. 

Good question, I've also wondered about this. Several possible answers IMO:

a) alternate Quinn gave sliding tech to a group of Kromaggs. Who says there's only one world where Kromaggs evolved. (Actually, we know of two, but they're too different. Why shouldn't similar, warlike Kromaggs develop on several worlds. Humans did, after all.) b) he merely gave them advanced sliding tech - maybe they knew about it, had some, but not as much control as he did. If I remember right, he also gave "our" Quinn an improved technology. c) Kromaggs didn't have sliding tech, being shunted from their world and he stumbled across them and gave them a way to spread further. Maybe they landed on another planet, took it over and couldn't get off until he appeared. --Cyberman TM (talk) 13:00, April 10, 2016 (UTC)

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